Dead Sea Circuit by Road Bike

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US$ 6,350
14 Days / 13 Nights
733 km
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Number of Cycling Days10
Average Distance Per Day: 73
150 Km
Average Climbing Per Day: 834
2,250 m
5 Star
Total Cycling Distance733 kilometres
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About this Cycle Tour

Throughout the ages, Israel and Jordan’s desert terrain has been a crossroads of civilizations, religions, and cultures. Spice route caravans, Abrahamic prophets and pilgrims, Roman legionaries and crusader knights, have all crossed these unforgiving yet wildly enchanting lands. Nowadays, thanks to an extensive network of paved roads spanning the region, road cyclists can proudly join this storied procession!

Starting from the holy city of Jerusalem we descend to the shores of the Dead Sea, Earth’s lowest point at 400 meters below sea level.. This serene, highly saline body of water will be a familiar presence on this tour, signifying both the beginning, as we follow its western coast to southern Israel, and the end, as we re-enter Israel along its eastern shore from Jordan. On both occasions, we can float in the buoyant waters. Our circuit from one side of the Dead Sea to the other entails 8 days of fabulous road biking. In Israel, we ride through the sun-scorched Arava desert, marvel at the ancient hilltop fortress of Masada, cycle along the rims of massive, multi-colored erosion crater, and meet Israeli farmers taming the sands to grow food. We'll push our limits, ascending the fabled Scorpion’s Ascent, with its winding hairpin turns. After crossing into Jordan, we take a beach break on the Red Sea and head north to discover the colossal red-hued cliffs and vast, golden desert plains of Wadi Rum. We cycle along the legendary “King’s Highway” and delve deep into the history of Jordan’s most recognisable landmark: Petra, an ancient city intricately chiseled into narrow, rose-red canyons. After a final ride through the Madaba plains and a downhill to the Dead Sea, we cross back into Israel where we discover Jericho - one of the world’s oldest cities - before returning to Jerusalem where the tour ends. Throughout the journey, we spend our nights in a delightful mix of accommodations, including coastal resorts, guesthouses in small Israeli kibbutzim, and even a night under the stars at a Jordanian desert camp.

Join us on this eye-opening road cycling adventure through the Holy Land and beyond!

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Day 1

Welcome to Jerusalem, the “Holy City”. We meet at our tour hotel in the afternoon for a bike fitting, trip briefing and welcome dinner.

Day 2

Riding through the Judean Desert, we zip downhill to the Dead Sea, the lowest point on the earth’s land surface. We cycle along the scenic shorelines and in the afternoon you can enjoy a float in the buoyant waters and treat yourself to a mud spa.

Day 3

We begin with an off-saddle exploration of Masada Fortress, an ancient fortification perched atop a cliff overlooking the Dead Sea. Then we ride south into the Arava Desert, ascending to the agricultural community of Hatzeva, where we spend the night.

Day 4

Today we conquer the Scorpion’s Ascent, a precipitous series of hairpin beds that connect the Arava valley with the highlands of the Central Negev desert. We also ride along Makhtesh Gadol, a massive, circular erosion crater with steep, rugged walls.

Day 5

We ride south through the undulating terrain of the Negev desert and skirt the rim of the world’s largest erosion crater, the Makhtesh Ramon.

Day 6

We descend back down from the highlands of the Negev into the Arava Valley. Initially skirting along more of Maktesh Ramon’s massive crater rim, we then traverse the arid wilderness until we reach Kibbutz Ketura, appearing as a green oasis.

Day 7

We cycle to the southern tip of Israel, ending with a thrilling descent through red-colored canyons. After crossing the border from the town of Eliot into Jordan we ride 10 km to the country’s only coastal city, Aqaba.

Day 8

A well deserved free day in Aqaba, Jordan’s window to the Red Rea. Explore the downtown markets and head to the beach to swim, snorkel or even scuba dive in the colorful coral reefs under the clear blue waters.

Day 9

A day of exploring the colossal red-hued cliffs and vast, golden desert plains of Wadi Rum, the “Valley of the Moon”. In the morning we cycle and in the afternoon we zip across sand dunes in a 4x4 jeep. We stay at a desert camp, sleeping under the stars.

Day 10

High in the Jordanian desert plateau, we ride along a section of the King’s Highway, an ancient trade route spanning the Middle East. We have a long and fantastic descent to the valley floor of Wadi Araba and transfer to Petra, Jordan’s crown jewel.

Day 11

Today is dedicated to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Petra, an ancient city intricately chiseled into narrow canyons. In the morning, enjoy a tour of the iconic sites while the afternoon is free to explore at your own pace. We end the day with a transfer to Madaba.

Day 12

We explore the revered grounds of Mount Nebo, beholding the very views that Moses is believed to have witnessed of the Promised Land. Then, we ride through the fertile Madaba plain, before descending to the eastern shores of the Dead Sea, reuniting with our old, salty friend!

Day 13

A leisurely morning ride from the Dead Sea to the border with Israel. We continue to the ancient Palestinian city of Jericho to explore its rich history. From there we transfer to Jerusalem where ,in the evening, we reconvene for a farewell dinner.

Day 14

Head to the airport for your onward flight or continue your stay in Israel.

Elevation Profiles

Day 2 - Jerusalem - Ein Bokek  Ride 88km. +641m / -1,276m.
Day 2 - Jerusalem - Ein Bokek Ride 88km. +641m / -1,276m.

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