Tour Ratings

SpiceRoads tours use a rating system based on the specifications of each tour. Our tour ratings are based on 3 metrics: distance, elevation, and accommodation. These three factors are key to understanding the experience of a tour.

Distance rating is based on average kilometres cycled each day. The distance shown is an average of all cycling days on that tour. Our gauge ranges between just over 10 kilometres per day, to over 110 kilometres per day.

Average Distance Per Day: 106
150 Km

Elevation rating is based on metres climbed per day. Average elevation gain is calculated from all days on that tour. Our climbing gauge ranges between just under 150 metres per day to over 2,000 metres per day.

Average Climbing Per Day: 660
2,250 m

All our trips require basic fitness, preferably acquired through riding your bike. The fitter you are, the more you’ll enjoy the riding. We encourage you to use these metrics to gauge the suitability of a tour for you and your cycling abilities. Keep in mind that local conditions, roads and the distance and elevation data that goes with them, are subject to change.