Exploring Romania By Bicycle

Well, what can we say about Romania? A hidden gem? The best-kept secret? The next France, Italy or Spain? These may be terrible cliches but somehow they ring true when talking about Romania as a cycling destination. We really think Romania could and should be the next big thing and right at the top of your bucket list. Why? Because it's just a great place for cycling and not many people are visiting… yet. With quiet roads, spectacular landscapes, magnificent forests of oak and beech, peaceful wild meadows, rich pastures and wonderfully local and comfortingly friendly villages to stop and wander through, Romania, and particularly the land of Transylvania, where our trips go, is cycling heaven with that wonderful mix of landscapes, culture, stories, food and fun that makes a Spiceroads cycling trip so richly worthwhile and rewarding. Yes, Transylvania has it all and in abundance.

An ancient land forever embedded in the popular imagination by stories filled with Gothic castles, forested valleys and of course Count Dracula, Transylvania is not only a great place to ride a bike, but it's also fascinating and despite the gothic reputation, a really fun destination to visit. Romania is a land of fairy tales where fog does roll silently through the Carpathian Mountains and with its medieval villages and crumbling citadels it meets all the Dracula inspired expectations and some. There are castles and churches everywhere and out in the countryside, traffic means horses and carts waiting patiently for herds of goats to scatter. Transylvania’s medieval heritage is very much alive and the spirit of Dracula lives seemingly forever but there is also lots of humour, friendly smiles, fun and warmth in Romania. We just love cycling in Transylvania and we think you will too.

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