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Road Escape: Khao Yai

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US$ 1,295
4 Days / 3 Nights
383 km
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Number of Cycling Days4
Average Distance Per Day: 95
150 Km
Average Climbing Per Day: 655
2,250 m
5 Star
Total Cycling Distance383 kilometres
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About this Cycle Tour

Just a short drive away from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok lies Khao Yai National Park - a peaceful nature reserve offering an idyllic road cycling escape.

Khao Yai is Thailand's third largest national park, made up primarily of dense forests upon an undulating landscape of hills which, when looked at from a distance, appear as one green mass rising majestically out of the Central Plains. Hence the name Khao Yai, which translates to "Big Mountain". The area is home to many waterfalls and other natural gems, though it's richest possession is the diversity of wildlife and flora living within. Bears, gibbons, elephants, hornbills, endangered species of reptiles, and many more animals call this vast landscape home. For the avid cyclist, riding the park's only road from one end to the other - with it's series of uphill drags, roller-coaster-like dips, beautiful hairpins and double-digit gradients all embraced by never ending waves of fresh jungle foliage - is as delightful as it is challenging. It is not just the interior of Khao Yai which makes for great riding, however. All around the edges of the National Park, a vast patchwork of rural roads radiating across plains offer the road cyclist a dream upcountry getaway.

With Khao Yai and its surrounding countryside as the centerpiece, SpiceRoads invites you on a fantastic 4 day cycling sojourn combining the best of rural and wild Thailand. Starting just beyond the suburbs of Bangkok, we'll cycle along flat roads traversing a landscape of farmlands, rice paddies, villages, and canals. We stay at a riverside resort along the western edge of Khao Yai which, the following day, will be our base for a scenic 135 km loop around the area. On Day 3 we head south into the province of Prachinburi inching closer towards the wilds of Khao Yai. We overnight at a lovely hotel surrounded by nature less than a kilometer from the entrance to the National Park and on Day 4 we take up the challenge of conquering the "Big Mountain"! From the entry gate to the top, we will gain over 1,000 m while covering nearly 40 km. We roll down on the other side where our adventure concludes with a gentle ride in the agricultural district of Pak Chong which sits at the northern edge of Khao Yai. Celebrate the achievement with a well-deserved glass of locally produced wine - Khao has Thailand's most premier selection of New World wines.

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Day 1

Starting from the outskirts of Bangkok, we cycle towards the western edge of Khao Yai National Park in Nakhon Nayok Province. We ride along flat backroads through the scenic countryside and spend the night at a cozy riverside resort.

Day 2

Today's ride is a loop starting from and ending at our resort in Nakhon Nayok. We enjoy peaceful backcountry roads and endless scenes of rural Thailand at its best.

Day 3

On today's ride we inch closer towards the wilds of Khao Yai, ending up at a lovely resort at the doorstep of the western entrance to the National Park. We'll have a chance to discover more of rural Thailand and will check out some scenic reservoirs along the way. The route today is shorter than previous days as we will tackle the ascent to Khao Yai tomorrow!

Day 4

This morning will be an early start as we gear up to tackle Khao Yai, "The Big Mountain". From the entry gate to the top, we will gain over 1,000 m while covering nearly 40 km. Surrounded by fresh tropical foliage, we will ascend a series of uphill drags, roller-coaster-like dips, beautiful hairpins and open sections before coming down on the other side with a gradual 20 km descent out of the National Park and into the agricultural district of Pak Chong.

Elevation Profiles

Day 1 -  Bangkok – Nakhon Nayok Ride 108km. +250m / -230m.
Day 1 - Bangkok – Nakhon Nayok Ride 108km. +250m / -230m.


The research into the trips make it possible to enjoy a great combination of riding, scenery & interaction with local people. In my experience Spiceroads have a consistently proven track record in giving all of this & more.

Gordon DewarOctober 2023

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