Biking Bangkok to Angkor Wat

Day 1 Bangkok - Soi Dao

We depart from our meeting point in Bangkok and transfer to Soi Dao, a very scenic area in Chantaburi province, which borders Cambodia with only the Cardamon Mountains separating the two countries. This area is great for biking, and we have a chance to ride to help blow away those travelling cobwebs.

Soi Dao Highland Resort
Lunch, Dinner
Ride 25km

Day 2 Soi Dao - Pailin

We ride about 40 km to the border, passing through some beautiful countryside on our way. This is an area very few foreigners visit, and the pace of life is slow and relaxed – just right for a bike trip. After immigration and custom formalities, we cross into Cambodia and ride 17 km to Pailin, set in the attractive Chour Phnom Kravanh (Cardamom) foothills. The ride has some undulating sections, nothing to difficult, and the views of the mountains make for a very pretty ride. Pailin is now home to former Khmer Rouge leaders and also famous for its ruby mines.

Memoria Palace
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Ride 57km

Day 3 Pailin - Battambang

We saddle up and ride east to Battambang. This is very rural Cambodia with lots of mango orchards, corn fields, peanut groves, and, of course, rice paddies. We ride over good tarmac roads with some of the best views of the Cardamom mountains, one the wildest areas in Cambodia. We have lunch at Wat Phnom Sampeau, and after eating, we have a chance to visit the temple atop a limestone outcrop. Finally, we reach Battambang, Cambodia’s second city, a sleepy backwater full of charm and faded colonial buildings.

Steung Sangke Hotel
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Ride 85km

Day 4 Battambang – Siem Reap

If water levels permit (usually from July to February), we journey by boat across Tonle Sap to the lost city of Angkor. The Great Lake is the beating heart of Cambodia, and we cruise past floating villages and sunken forests before arriving at Siem Reap. If water levels are too low, we'll take a short but fun journey on the infamous bamboo train before transferring to Siem Reap.

Steung Siem Reap Hotel
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 5 Angkor Complex

This morning we ride to the Angkor Temple complex, entering from the south gate then traversing up tarmac roads and jungle paths until we reach our first temple, Tah Prohm. After our visit, we carry on through the jungle and toward the eastern gate of Angkor Thom, the ancient capital of the Khmer Empire. Near the centre of this massive enclosure, we find the enigmatic temple of Bayon. This temple is known for its many smiling faces. As the sun reaches its zenith, we take a short rest and lunch, before visiting the grandest temple of them all, Angkor Wat. Depending upon the time, we can choose to return to Siem Reap for a brief rest before going back to the Angkor complex where we’ll enjoy a beautiful sunset in Angkor Park before return to our hotel.

Steung Siem Reap Hotel
Breakfast, Lunch
Ride 30km

Day 6 Angkor Complex

Leaving Siem Reap by bike, we strike out for the countryside. Our initial destination is the village of Damdek, which lies not far from the temple complex. Once we pass through this quaint little village, we cycle down a narrow tarmac lane to Banteay Samre. Now we start getting deeper into the Cambodian countryside and pass many local villages and schools and people going about their day to day business. Ahead of us, the great sand-stone ridge of Phnom Kulen rises from the countryside. At the base of this mountain, we stop for lunch and take a short 3-km trek to Kbal Spean. Here we see ancient riverbed carvings of Hindu gods in the “River of 1,000 Lin-gas”. Once we finish here, we load up our bikes and transfer to Banteay Srei, the gem of the Angkor area known for its exquisite bas-relief carvings. Afterward, we transfer back to Siem Reap.

Steung Siem Reap Hotel
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Ride 51km

Day 7 Siem Reap Countryside

We leave after breakfast to cycle to the small village of Kro Bey Real and another chance to ride in the countryside surrounding Siem Reap. After, we head to the Tonle Sap and take a short cruise through the floating villages. (If water levels are too low to visit the floating village, we will visit the Roulus group of temples). On our return, we ride on the opposite bank of the river passing through many local communities before arriving back to end our tour in Siem Reap.

Breakfast, Lunch
Ride 45km