Biking Bangkok to Angkor Wat

Price from
US$ 1,650
7 Days / 6 Nights
299 km
Tour Code
Next departure
Number of Cycling Days6
Average Distance Per Day: 50
150 Km
Average Climbing Per Day: 232
2,250 m
Total Cycling Distance299 kilometres
Bike HireMountain Bike: US$ 120
Single SupplementUS$ 220

About this Cycle Tour

Our Thailand and Cambodia bike touring adventure is a fantastically varied cycle odyssey. Starting from the seaside in Thailand we cross over the border with Cambodia to the foothills of the Cardamom Mountains, From there we ride into rural Cambodia, discover the colonial outpost of Battambang, journey by boat across the Tonle Sap and ride through the world renowned temples of Angkor. On this Southeast Asian bicycle tour, let our local cycle and temple guides really show you what beautiful and historically rich Thailand and Cambodia have to offer!

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Day 1

Transfer to Soi Dao, a very scenic area in Chantaburi province. We em-bark on an afternoon ride to help blow away those travelling cobwebs.

Day 2

We ride to the Cambodian border through countryside rarely visited by foreigners. Once across the border, we ride to Pailin, set in the attractive Chour Phnom Kravanh foothills.

Day 3

We saddle up and ride through rural Cambodia along red dirt roads east to Battambang, a sleepy backwater full of charming colonial buildings.

Day 4

If water levels permit, we boat across Tonle Sap to the lost city of Angkor.

Day 5

We ride to the Angkor Temple complex before starting the Grand Circuit, stopping at each major temple area. At dusk, we return by car for a sun-set view from Angkor Park.

Day 6

We enter the temple complex by a much quieter gate and ride into the countryside. We turn off the main tourist road to Banteay Srei, visiting Banteay Samre on the way.

Day 7

Cycle to the small village of Kro Bey Real and take in the countryside surrounding Siem Reap, as we head to the Tonle Sap for a short cruise through the floating villages before riding back to Siem Reap.

Elevation Profiles

Day 1 - Bangkok - Soi Dao Ride 25km. +198m / -200m.
Day 1 - Bangkok - Soi Dao Ride 25km. +198m / -200m.


Really great trip: scenery, biking, food, and company. It was good to be in a small group – we could be nimble and adjust our daily plans as needed. Very high praise for our guide Kim Sampath: he was generous with his insights about the culture and the people, and highly knowledgeable regarding the many temples we visited. Plus it was a treat to have such an experienced cyclist showing us all the back roads and trails, in addition to the main routes. We had a GREAT time.

Carla TishlerMarch 2019

Absolutely perfect to discover a country from another side!

Marc SchmitzJanuary 2019

We thoroughly enjoyed the trip. Bicycling is a great way to experience a country. Without a bus window in the way, the sights and smells are more immediate and you can interact with people you pass. We enjoyed exchanging greetings with villagers and high fives with children also on bikes and getting a more intimate look at life in the countryside. Good food, good guides and the best way to beat the crowds and get a more peaceful meditative experience of the temples.

Bicycling was a wonderful way to visit the Angkor complex. We were able to get away from the crowds and see aspects of the area that most people don't see.

Our guide in Thailand, Mr. Pakorn (Korn) was a solid bicyclist and knowledgeable about the routes. Our guide in Cambodia, Mr. Ran Khemarak (Pheap), was a fun and engaging guide. Clearly loves cycling and guiding. Set good comfortable paces. He was good about reminding us to stay hydrated. We appreciated the pictures he took of us and posted on facebook. He adjusted plans when needed to meet our pacing and food requirements. He dealt well with food preference issues. He addressed bike maintenance issues competently and quickly. He checked in with all of his group regularly while riding - would drop back to join the slower riders sometimes, then speed up to take the lead again. He paid attention to all of us throughout the day.

Our driver, Mr. Lee, was very attentive and helpful. He was always ready at each snack break with cool towels and fruit and made sure that all of our water bottles were topped off before the next ride. He was an attentive, careful and skillful driver.

Our history guide in the Siem Reap area (Samol?) was excellent, knowledgeable, engaging. It was great that he was willing to bicycle along with us much of the way, providing more opportunity to learn informally from him.

The fruit snacks provided by both teams (Thailand and Cambodia) were excellent. They always provided a good variety of very fresh interesting local fruits. The meals on our trip were generally excellent. We got to experience a wide range of Cambodian cuisine and most of it was excellent.

Tom LentJanuary 2019

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