Management Change at Spiceroads

We are very pleased to welcome Struan Robertson back to the Spiceroads management team. As many of you will know, Struan is our, former CEO and co-owner of SpiceRoads and will take on the position of MD from now onwards. Struan led the company from 2003 until 2016 so is uniquely qualified to take leadership of the company as we move forwards and look to the future.

Previous MD, Daniel Moylan is moving on to new adventures and bidding a fond farewell to Spiceroads. Daniel has been with us for eight years and has done an excellent job leading Spiceroads as the company has continued to grow and prosper and the Board and Staff of SpiceRoads Cycling would like thank him for his years of service and dedication.

We are delighted to have Struan back at the helm, especially during these challenging times and he is looking forward to getting Spiceroads tours up and running just as soon as possible.

Struan can be contacted at