Borders opening around the world

Borders around the world are gradually opening up around the world and Spiceroads is looking forward to being able to restart cycle tours in selected destinations. See below our update on some of the countries Spiceroads operates.


Thailand began reopening its borders to select foreign tourists on July 1, 2020 but so far the only travellers Allowed in are work-permit holders, those with Thai family and those seeking Thai health services. Thailand is currently ranked number one on the Global COVID-19 Recovery Index and has been widely praised for the way it has handled the crisis.

As of today, the number of confirmed cases in Thailand stood at 3,298, with 129 currently being treated, while 3,111 have recovered and 58 have died. Thailand is exempt from UK FCO advice against non-essential travel however a 14-day quarantine is necessary on arrival.

We are hopeful that tourists will be allowed in later this year and are planning to run trips in Thailand from October onwards although there have been rumours borders may stay closed until the end of the year. We will keep you updated.


As of today tourists cannot enter Vietnam and there has been a recent flare up of cases in Danang, central Vietnam which has been shut down to local tourists. As of today there have been 610 active cases and 6 deaths in Vietnam.

Vietnam is on the Green List of countries allowed to travel to set by the UK FCO on Friday 3 July 2020 and no self-isolation is required on return. We can't be sure when Vietnam will open its border to tourists but when it does you can be confident you will be travelling to a country that has kept Coronavirus cases well under control.


At the moment it is not possible to enter Cambodia without quarantining on arrival, however we believe that by the time the country reopens its doors for leisure tourists, these rules will have been amended to be more welcoming while still covering the very important safety and health aspects. Meanwhile, businesses across Cambodia have been operating mostly as usual but with safety precautions in place since mid-April. Domestic travel in including flights between Siem Reap and Phnom Penh have resumed. An opening towards Vietnam and Laos is being considered.

Cambodia is on the Green List of countries allowed to travel to set by the UK FCO on Friday 29 July 2020.


Sri Lanka has been very successful keeping the virus under control with only 11 deaths recorded and less than 3,000 cases overall, News coming out of Sri Lanka suggests they will soon be reopening for tourists from all countries to enter but the original date of 1st August has now been pushed back pending further announcements.

We are expecting a new ruling soon and for borders to be open by September at latest. We are very hopeful that tours later this year will run as scheduled and we have guaranteed departures operating in November and January. See our Sri Lanka page for more details on tours.


Japan is currently closed for most tourist but open for business travel from specific countries. There have been some outbreaks in and around Tokyo and travel to and from Tokyo is now restricted, however domestic travel around country is still permitted.

A travel bubble for business travel is being discussed for Vietnam, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand as first steps for an international reopening.

Japan is on the Green List of countries allowed to travel to set by the UK FCO on Friday 3 July 2020 and No self-isolation is required on return.

We are hopeful Japan will be open by the end of the year and are planning to operate all our tours in 2021 onwards.

Watch this space for more news on borders opening.