LIVE: COVID-19 Travel Updates (APRIL 1)

The latest live updates on COVID-19 Virus and Travel - During these uncertain times, we will be doing our best to keep our customers updated. However, we are not the final resource and we'll provide the relevant information sources accordingly. Check back here for regular updates.

Thailand: 30 April
Vietnam: 17 April
Cambodia: 30 April
Laos: 18 April
Malaysia: 14 April
Myanmar: 17 April
Indonesia: 15 April
India: 15 April
Sri Lanka: 29 March
Japan: -

Wednesday, April 1 - Myanmar stops International flights

Myanmar closed all airports to international flights effective midnight 30 March until 13 April.

Source: TTR Weekly

Monday, March 30 - Cambodia increases travel restrictions

The Cambodian government said it would suspend the visa exemption policy and issuance of tourist visas, e-visas, and visas on arrival to all foreigners for one month.

Source: Bangkok Post

Thursday, March 26 - Malaysia extends travel ban until mid April

Malaysia decided on the two-week extension of border closures until April 14.

Source: The Straits Times

Thursday, March 26 - Thailand bans all foreigners from entering the country

Thai government announced the country would be under a state of emergency as of Thursday until April 30.

Source: Bangkok Post

Sunday, March 22 - Vietnam bans all foreigners from entering the country

The Vietnamese government has approved a ban on all foreigners entering the country which will go into effect immediately.

Source: The Star

Saturday, March 21 - Japan suspends visa exemption for Schengen countries

Effective from March 21 00:00, Japan visa exemption will be suspended for foreign nationals of Member state of Schengen Agreement plus Ireland, Andorra, Iran, United Kingdom, Egypt, Cyprus, Croatia, San Marino, Vatican, Bulgaria, Monaco, and Romania.

Source: Japan Travel

Thursday, March 19 - Thailand inbound air passengers must have Covid-free certificates

Thailand now requires air passengers, Thai and foreign, traveling from certain countries to show Covid-19-free health certificates and Covid-19 insurance before boarding their flights.

Arriving passengers who were in China, Hong Kong, Iran, Italy, Macau or South Korea in the past 14 days will be quarantined. The other 11 ongoing local transmission areas are Britain, Denmark, France, Germany, Japan (specific cities), Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United States.

Source: Bangkok Post

Thursday, March 19 - Laos suspends all tourist visas

From today and during 30 days, Laos won't issue any types of visas on arrival and electronic visas (E-visas)

Source: The Star

Wednesday, March 18 - European Union shuts external borders for 30 days.

The travel restrictions are due to start as soon as the individual governments take the necessary internal measures. Germany did so by the end of Tuesday.

Source: CNBC

Tuesday, March 17 - Malaysia announces two-week lockdown

Starting Wednesday, March 18, all foreigners will be banned to enter the country. The ban has been initially set for a two-week period.

Source: Bangkok Post

Monday, March 16 - Sri Lanka closes borders to UK arrivals

People from the UK, or who have traveled through the UK, will not be allowed into Sri Lanka from midnight local time on Monday (18:30 GMT).


Sunday, March 15 - Jordan locks down on Tuesday

Jordan will stop all incoming and outgoing passenger flights into the country from Tuesday, March 17.

Source: U.S. News

Sunday, March 15 - Cambodia bans visitors from Italy, Germany, Spain, France, and the United States

The ban will take effect from Tuesday, March 17, and will initially be in place for a period of 30 days in which all visas granted to citizens from these countries will be suspended.

Source: Khmer Times

Saturday, March 14 - Vietnam will stop issuing tourist visas for Schengen countries and the UK

All foreign nationals that have been in the previous 14 days to the UK, or any Schengen country, even in transit will be refused entry to the country from noon Vietnam time, March 15.

This restriction will apply for 30 days.

Source: Reuters

Friday, March 13 - Uganda restricts travel from 16 countries including UK and US

The list of restricted countries also includes China, France, Germany, Iran, Italy, South Korea, Spain, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Austria, and Malaysia.

Source: CNN

Thursday, March 12 - India suspends tourist visas and e-visas for 1 month

The Indian Government has announced the suspension of most visas (including tourist visas and e-visas) effective from 12:00 GMT on March 13 until April 15.

Source: BBC News

Wednesday, March 11 - US bans travel from Europe

The US Government announced the suspension of most travel from European countries effective from Friday 13 and during 30 days.

This ban will be imposed only on foreigners who have been in the 26 countries that make up the European Union’s Schengen Area in the previous two weeks.

Flights from these 26 countries, which do not include the UK, are expected to be suspended.

Source: The New York Times

Tuesday, March 10 - Vietnam cancels visa-free travel for Europeans

The Vietnamese government has just announced the cancellation of visa waiver on arrival for all travellers from the United Kingdom, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Germany, France and Spain. This will be effective from 00:00, on March 12th, 2020.

Source: Reuters