Mongolia Discovery

Day 1 Ulaanbaatar - Tuul River

We pick you up bright and early and transfer 1 hour 30 minutes east of Ulaanbaatar to a 40-metre silver statue of Chinggis Khan. Upon arrival while the bikes are being assembled we recommend a warm-up by visiting the statue and climbing up to an observation platform to enjoy a panoramic view of the surrounding hilly steppes. We then start riding along the Tuul River, which is one of the major Mongolian rivers eventually emptying into Lake Baikal in Russia. As the area marks the southern edge of the Siberian mountains, we cycle across rolling hills and lush meadows with some wooded mountains in the backdrop. Invariably we ride on smooth car tracks, at times slightly sandy and at times muddy, depending on the amount of rainfall. Along your ride you will catch a glimpse of a life virtually unchanged for a few hundred years. Large flocks of yaks, sheep and goats roam the area, and circular tents of local herders can be spotted from time to time. After lunch we continue our ride to climb up to a wooded pass at 1887 metres. The ascent is rewarded by spectacular views over wide valleys and forested mountains and a long descent on smooth soil to the Tuul river bank, where we erect our tents and take a shower before dinner.

Tented Camp
Lunch, Dinner
Ride 47km

Day 2 Tuul River

Today after breakfast we continue to ride upstream the whole morning along the Tuul River on smooth but occasionally muddy tracks. We also do a few small stream crossings, so expect to get you feet wet. Around lunch time we reach the highest point of the day where the road is a bit rocky with small river rocks. After the meal we enjoy a long downhill followed by a 20-km easy roll across a wide valley taking us to our 2nd tented camp where we finish the climb and stay the night. Here you stand a chance of visiting a “ger” (house) of a local herding family to learn more about the lifestyle and traditions of Mongolian nomads. You can also taste milk tea and sample dairy products including, if we are lucky enough, a sip of fermented horse milk!

Tented Camp
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Ride 65km

Day 3 13th Century Mongolia Theme Park

We continue heading south across open steppe grassland and reach the “XIII Century Mongolia” theme park. Replicating life of 13th century Mongols during the time of Genghis Khan, this live museum requires visitors to leave behind any modern items upon entry and if they prefer they can use a horse or camel to visit the ancient town. We take short bike rides through the 350-hectare park, which is divided into four sections - craftsmen, shamans, educational and king’s palace. Here you can try on royal costumes, test your archery skills and many more. After the fun we climb to the top of the highest mountain in the area where our 3rd campsite is located and where you will stay the night and enjoy a 360-degree view of the region while having dinner.

Tented Camp
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Ride 63km

Day 4 Mongolian Grassland

On our last day of biking adventure we gradually curve our way back north with easy ups and downs across grassland. We will stop for snacks at some nearby granite boulders acting as a backdrop. Then it's time to overcome the climbing up to,1830 metres above sea level, the highest point of the tour. Weather permitting we have lunch at the top of the pass and enjoy unobstructed views of Mongolian steppe land. A 3-km steep decent is intensified by rain water ditches so use your brakes!!! At the bottom of the descent we roll for another 20 kilometres across grassland with no significant ascents. Here we load our bikes and take a 2-hour transfer back to Ulaanbaatar and to your hotel.

Breakfast, Lunch
Ride 35km