Of the thousands of islands that the Philippines encompass, Luzon is the largest and boasts a spectacular landscape, which is one of high mountains and volcanoes along with pristine lakes and a dazzling coastline. The capital and largest city Manila is vibrant and bustling. Head south for high conical volcanoes criss crossed with mountain bike trails, quaint beaches and fishing villages. Head north for mountains, lofty rice terraces, eye-popping vistas and old Spanish-colonial towns as we ride on country roads. And all over the country are fun-loving Filipinos! Learn more about cycling in the Philippines in our Philippines guide.

  • Island Hopping the Philippines

    Island Hopping the Philippines 13 Days/12 Nights

    With 7,107 islands to choose from in the Philippines, it's hard to decide where to start, but here's a way to cycle on four islands in the Visayas and enjoy the beaches at all of them. View Details

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