Mongolia, famous for its natural offerings, is a beautiful rural country located deep in the heart of central Asia. It is home to various landscapes, from the Gobi Desert with its arid nature through to cool mountain ranges. With a peaceful, seemingly endless landscape that has its own special beauty, it offers visitors the chance to experience an unusual environment free of tourists, and even people in general. Only a few miles from the outskirts of many of the country's big cities and towns, visitors can see the traditional pastoral lands that exist as they did hundreds of years ago. Mongolia's rural character will provide an unforgettable adventure. Learn more about cycling in Mongolia in our Mongolia guide.

  • Mountain Biking Mongolia

    Mountain Biking Mongolia 13 days / 12 nights

    Mongolia offers an experience like no other, for mountain bikers and culture enthusiasts. With valleys 2,100 metre above sea level and stops at the ruins of the ancient Mongolian empire, this is a trip that should not be missed, and will not be forgotten. View Details

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  • Mongolia Discovery

    Mongolia Discovery 4 days / 3 nights

    This four-day bicycle tour explores the mountains, forests, rivers and valleys inhabited by nomadic families with their herds of animals, just a short drive away from Ulaanbaatar.
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  • Mongolian Steppe Adventure

    Mongolian Steppe Adventure 9 days / 8 nights

    For outdoor lovers Mongolia is a challenging and invigorating destination and there's no better way to experience this rugged country than by biking, trekking and riding horses, just as the locals would do. View Details

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