The world's largest archipelago occupies part of the Pacific and Indian oceans around the equator region and is a relatively young land of rugged peaks and volcanoes. Many of its islands are well developed and have unique activities and good facilities, with Bali and Sulawesi most popular among mountain bikers, surfers and divers. These are two islands of Indonesia that SpiceRoads presently has tours on. Learn more about cycling in Indonesia in our Indonesia guide.

  • Bali Mountain Biking Adventure

    Bali Mountain Biking Adventure 7 days/6 nights

    Ride the rims of volcanoes, enjoy great off-road tracks and chill out on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. View Details

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  • Sulawesi Adventure

    Sulawesi Adventure 9 days / 8 nights

    Explore the peninsulas of the Indonesian island Sulawesi and discover its astonishingly diverse geography – from highlands that are home to the mysterious Torajans to the beaches of the Bugis people. View Details

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  • Bali Explorer

    Bali Explorer 3 days/2 nights

    Cycle Mount Batur where you can enjoy spectacular views overlooking the volcano and then continue on to the magical town of Ubud. View Details

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