Taiwan KOM Challenge

Day 1 Taipei Arrival

Pre tour meeting in the evening at Taipei hotel.

Les Suites

Day 2 Taipei - Fuxing

We pick you up from your Taipei hotel in the morning and drive outside the busy city to start our ride to Fuxing. We will just have a short ride, a gentle start through undulating hills to get the legs warmed up before we start the serious climbing. You'll be riding through thick forest, and the thick moss and huge ferns that line the narrow road give the whole place a Jurassic aura.

Da Kung Hotel
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Ride 50km

Day 3 Fuxing - Wu Ling Farm

To avoid wearing out our climbing legs we will have a transfer to start the day. We start our riding with a descent and then we will engage those quads to power up to 1,900 m. We will using the North Cross Island Highway that takes us to the high altitude plateau of Wuling. The forest will be thick and will change from cedars to bamboo. The scenery is spectacular up here and the air fresh. We overnight at an area that was part of a 1960s government scheme to resettle veterans as farmers and in the 1980s the focus shifted towards developing tourism and agriculture.

Wuling Guest House
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Ride 60km

Day 4 Wu Ling – Taroko

Again we transfer by vehicle to avoid overdoing it prior to the race. Though the distance is short today it is almost all up! Starting in Lishan at 2,000 m we warm up for 20 km to Da Yu Ling at 2,500 m. We get our first preview of the race route – we cycle up the last 8 km of the KOM to Wu Ling at 3,275 m. Depending on the time and the weather, we can either ride or transfer by car down to Taroko Gorge.  The descent is about 90 km from 3,275 m to sea level. We check in to Crossing the Rainbow Bridge Guest House, our home for the next three nights.

Crossing the Rainbow Bridge Guest House
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Ride 20km

Day 5 Taroko Rest Day

Today we take a break from the bikes and spend the day visiting and hiking in Taroko Gorge. We will visit the Siangde Temple that has a giant statue of Guanyin and a pagoda that provides views of the valley from the top and walk the Tunnel of Nine Turns trail, which is on the original road through the narrowest part of the gorge. There are many other hikes to choose from and we'll decide which ones are best to do based on the group's interests. We will also attend the Welcome Party and Riders Meeting.

Crossing the Rainbow Bridge Guest House
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 6 Race Day!

Your entry fee and registration will be handled by your tour guide so all you need to do is prepare yourself for the challenge. An early 6 am race start for the 105 km course up to 3,275 m tests even the world's most elite riders. The gradient starts at a simple 0-2 % for the first 20kms and then turns into a steady 6% average gradient until the final 9.5 kms, where the real challenge begins. Riders will traverse gradients from 10-22 % as they pitch hairpin curves to the finish line. You will be provided with van support for the race and therefore won't have to ride down. Please note that the cut-off time is 6.5 hours. In the evening we will join the riders' dinner.

Crossing the Rainbow Bridge Guest House
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Ride 105km

Day 7 Departure

Depending on flight times, we will organize one group transfer to Taipei airport.