Kham Tibet Nomadic Adventure

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US$ 5,900
18 Days / 17 Nights
673 km
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Number of Cycling Days10
Average Distance Per Day: 67
150 Km
Average Climbing Per Day: 765
2,250 m
5 Star
Total Cycling Distance673 kilometres
Single SupplementN/A

About this Cycle Tour

Nomadic grasslands, high snow-capped peaks, alpine lakes, evergreen forests, deep river valleys and some of the best preserved Tibetan culture are all in the Kham region of Tibet. This epic high altitude cycling adventure takes you up on the Tibetan Plateau to ride amongst nomads, yaks and colourful Buddhist temples.

Our journey begins from Chengdu, slowly taking you up to the Tibetan Plateau to acclimatize to the high altitude. Cycling and sleeping at these lofty heights will provide their own challenges, but will also supply unique experiences to remember for a life time. Riding to and along the border of the Tibet Autonomous Region before turning back towards the direction of Chengdu will take us through some of the most important religious sites of Tibetan culture.

Kham is also associated with proud fighters and beautiful women with elaborate traditional dresses.The sect of Buddhism followed in Kham are older schools such as the Kagyu, Nyingma and Sakya and differ from the Gelukpa sect the Dalai Lama and the monasteries in Lhasa follow.

As this province is in western Sichuan no special permit is required to travel here, meaning you are able to experience all the splendors of Tibet without extra documents.

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Day 1

Meet at the Chengdu hotel in eraly eveing for a welcome briefing and to review our ride. Afterwards, feast on some of the best food Chengdu has to offer and eagerly anticipate the coming journey that lies ahead.

Day 2

Our first of two acclimatization days. We drive from Chengdu up to Kangding and then spend the afternoon exploring this gateway to Tibet town.

Day 3

Another day taking it easy and acclimatizing. A short transfer up onto the Tibetan plateau and to Xindu Qiao (3480 altitude). You can visit Muya Stupa, opposite your hotel, but please take it slow and easy.

Day 4

We start our cycling through the Tagong Grasslands with its monasteries, rolling countryside and, on a clear day, the impressive snow-capped Ya’la Holy Mountain (5884 m) in the foreground. We observe the activities at Ani Gompa, the largest Buddhist Nunnery in the area and stop at Bamei Stone Forest – an impressive geological wonder of sharp rocks.

Day 5

A day of temples as we start off with a visit to Huiyan Temple, which once housed the 7th Dalai Lama and the 11th Dalai Lama was born nearby. Once we reach the Long Deng Grassland, which holds Ranggu Monastery, we will take a break to see some of the tantric paintings the monastery is famous for.

Day 6

An undulating cycle along the Xianshui River and to the Xialatuo Wetlands. We overnight at Luhuo, another historically important town for Buddhism, famous for its large Shouling Monastery. Historically having 277 halls and chambers, it used to hold over 1,000 monks.

Day 7

Riding directly from the monastery we will make our way towards the ethnic township of Ganzi. A flatish cycle as we start things start looking up once we reach stunning Kasa Lake. From here it is 500 m up, but affording beautiful views along the way.

Day 8

With four days of cycling in our legs it is time to take a rest and explore the historically famous town of Ganzi. Wander through the alleyways up to the Ganzi Monastery or spend sometime shopping in the the colourful and lively Tibetan shopping street.

Day 9

A temple visit starts our day before we hit the road and cycle out to the grasslands, home to nomads tending their yaks. Our goal is to reach Manigange, the historic stopping point on the Tea Horse Road. where we will overnight.

Day 10

Our riding today begins straight from town and we reach the gorgeous alpine Yilhun Lhatso Lake in just 10 km. Sacred, with many rocks inscribed with prayers, it is an exceptionally peaceful place. A morning climb takes us to the start of a tunnel where we load up the bikes and transfer through. We restart our cycling at Menza Monastery and it is 40 km of gentle riding, following a river, we cruise downhill to Dege.

Day 11

Today we cycle along the border of Tibet and follow the Jinsha River through deep gorges. We overnight at Baiyu, set on the riverside, with a gorgeous monastery in the hillside above the town.

Day 12

Our toughest climbing day of the trip, with an ascent of 1,265 m to conquer and only 735 m of descending. Take inspiration from the gorgeous views as you cycle up to 4,600 m. We overnight at 3,900 m!

Day 13

A day off the bikes to visit one of the most important and impressive cultural sites of the trip -- Yarchen Gar. This is the world’s second biggest Buddhist school with officially over 10,000 monks and nuns (though, unofficial reports place this figure much higher). The population is predominantly female, making it the largest Buddhist Nunnery in the world.

Day 14

Today is the penultimate day of riding and we have a treat for you – the day’s ride will take you through a Sichuan Adventure exclusive route. We will drive for 67km, through changing scenery and the Chola Mountain range beckoning you on in the distance until reaching a small mountain road, where you begin your ride. The road takes you through a remote area of Kham and is very quiet, providing an ‘off road’ biking experience. Developing into a small ravine and following a river, there are few examples of habitation, besides a couple of very authentic Tibetan hamlets – for most of this ride, the only thing accompanying you is the stunning alpine views and the occasional waterfall. After completing this route, we will have another 50km to Xinlong. Whilst a little more ‘concrete’ than other towns we visit, it is still a nice riverside town with some traditional architecture and a monastery above. Elevation: +

Day 15

Today will be the last day of biking on the trip. You will start directly from your hotel and continue to make your way along a valley. The final day’s ride is very comfortable, through more gorgeous scenery and picturesque Tibetan homes with some slightly different architecture. You will notice more mud used as plaster on the exterior of the homes and wooden toilets sticking out from the side of the upper stories. A few more villages and religious sites to pass through until you reach Zhunba Village at 75km and complete your riding! From there we will drive the remainder of the journey to Litang, one of the highest towns in the world and where you can celebrate your achievements. Elevation: +

Day 16

Explore the wild west town of Litang. The monastery is relatively large and has beautiful temples, go to the house of the birth place of the 7th Dalai Lama and spin one of the largest prayer wheels in the world.

Day 17

Today will be the final day in Kham Tibet and a 4 hour transfer takes us to the Khampa Nomad Ecolodge is a fully self-sustained eco lodge set in the prairie lands of Tagong and will provide you with a final piece of Tibetan nature, without sacrificing comfort.

Day 18

Transferring back to Chengdu, we can offer you two options. You can drive 8 hours with us directly to your hotel in Chengdu. Or we can drive for 1 hour to Kangding Airport where you can catch a flight.

Elevation Profiles

Day 4 - Xindu Qiao – Bamei Ride 72km. +628m / -634m.
Day 4 - Xindu Qiao – Bamei Ride 72km. +628m / -634m.

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