Adriatic Ascents

Price from
US$ 2,100
8 Days / 7 Nights
522 km
Tour Code
Next departure
Number of Cycling Days6
Average Distance Per Day: 87
150 Km
Average Climbing Per Day: 1390
2,250 m
Total Cycling Distance522 kilometres
Bike HireStandard Road Bike: US$ 220
Single SupplementUS$ 260

All About this Tour

This four-country road biking tour is the ultimate journey to explore and get the most out of diverse and culturally rich countries of the Balkans. Cycling through Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro and Albania experience stunning landscapes from towering mountain ranges, deep blue lakes to the idyllic Adriatic coast. Here you will also find remarkable architecture, charming old towns and delicious Mediterranean cuisine.

Dubrovnik, Croatia, known for its majestic city walls that overlook the Adriatic Sea, is our starting point for this tour. We cycle along the stunning coastline and head up and around to charming Trebinje in Bosnia & Herzegovina, which is just waiting to be rediscovered by you.

Montenegro is the third country of the tour and we cycle along the stunning Bay of Kotor by way of introduction. Explore the alleyways of the fortified medieval town of Kotor before continuing on an epic climb as we ascend the 21 switchbacks of the Kotor Serpentine. This dramatic day ends with a scenic train ride up to the mountain resort of Kolasin.

Though we have ascended with the train to 940 m more climbing awaits before a thrilling downhill to the lakeside village of Plav. Soon after we cross into Albania our next climb awaits, as we take on Leqet e Hotit and ascend 6 km with an average grade of 8%. Descending we end at the laid back town of Shokdra and have time to enjoy the cafe culture. It is back to Montenegro to end our tour at the village of Virpazar and a celebration drink on the shore of Lake Skadar.

Return home with bragging rights of having cycled through four countries and conquering numerous challenging and iconic climbs.

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Day 1

Arrival in Dubrovnik at Cilipi airport. Our team will welcome you and settle you in your Dubrovnik hotel. Meet in the evening for dinner together in town.

Day 2

Riding along Croatia's gorgeous coastline, we begin climbing up and around to Bosnia & Herzegovina. We have an opportunity to stop at Trsteno Arboretum, a garden featured in the hit television series Game from Thrones. We arrive in Trebinje where we will overnight and even have a wine tasting experience.

Day 3

Starting from Trebinje, we cycle into Montenegro and circumnavigate along the Bay of Kotor before reaching the old town. Wander the medieval maze of Kotor and marvel at the historic fort walls.

Day 4

A jam-packed, exciting day lays ahead as we ride up the iconic Kotor Serpentine, taking in amazing panoramic views at each of the switch-backs. Then it's downhill to the former capital of Cetinje and on to Skadar National Park. A late train ride through a deep gorge drops us at the mountain resort town of Kolasin.

Day 5

Depending on how strong your legs are feeling we can ride or transfer up to the Tresnjevik Pass to avoid 900 m of ascending. From the heart of the Komovi mountain range we roll downhill all the way to Plav. This idyllic town is the gateway to the Cursed Mountains (Prokletije), which is shared by Montenegro, Albania, and Kosovo. Relaxing time in this serene setting.

Day 6

Next day, we are at an arms reach towards Albania. We ride uphill to Enver Hoxha's balcony for magnificent views. We have a choice to take a lift to Shkodra or bike flat plains of Lake Skadar to Shkodra. We stay overnight here.

Day 7

We cross back into Montenegro and cycle the southern shoreline of Lake Skadar. We have our farewell dinner here and reflect back on our legendary ride.

Day 8

Today we say goodbye and bid farewell as we transfer you to the nearest airport. Podgorica Airport is 30 minutes away, Tivat Airport is 1.30 hour away and Dubrovnik Airport is 2.5 hours away.

Elevation Profiles

Day 2 - Dubrovnik, Croatia - Trebinje, Bosnia & Herzegovina Ride 96km. +1,217m / -961m.
Day 2 - Dubrovnik, Croatia - Trebinje, Bosnia & Herzegovina Ride 96km. +1,217m / -961m.

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