Custom Tours: FAQs

Frequently asked questions

What is a custom tour?

A tour which is arranged exclusively for your group. Your tour could be family, friends, colleagues, club mates, charities or even just yourself.

How is a custom tour arranged?

Fill in the "Build your perfect itinerary" form to give us some ideas of what type of tour you are looking for. We will then respond to your request to let you know when your exclusive itinerary will be ready.

What sort of tours are available?

Whatever you want! We can develop anything from road to mountain biking, heritage to multi-activity tours.

How big or small can a tour group be?

Any size. We design anything from individual adventures to large corporate events.

How far in advance must a tour be arranged?

Depends on the tour and how much customization is required. Half day tours can be arranged the same week, however we recommend contacting us at least 3 months ahead for longer tours.

Can you help us decide where we should go and what we should do on the tour?

Nothing would give us more pleasure than providing you a variety of tour options. However if you want some inspiration check out our scheduled tours pages.

What age(s) are the tours appropriate for?

We can provide adventures for children 8 years of age or older, however we require that all children adventures include adult supervision.

Are tours available in foreign languages?

All our guides speak English. In countries such as Vietnam and Cambodia – French is also spoken. We can also provide a translator on a tour on request.

How much does a custom tour cost?

Tour costs vary depending on location, itinerary and what is included. We can work to your allocated budget.

Recommended daily tipping?

Tipping is entirely voluntary and although it is customary to tip the local tour leader and staff the amount you give should be dependent on the level of service you receive. As a guide we would say US$4-5 per person per day. For drivers recommend US$2-3 per person per day.

When is the payment of the tour required?

We require tour payment 45 days before departure.

What is the cancellation policy?

Cancellation fees will be determined according to the number of days prior to trip start. Please refer to our cancellation policy for more details.

How do we pay for the tour?

The following methods are available to make payments:

  • Credit Card
  • International Bank transfer by CHAPS or SWIFT
  • Persons with a local Thai bank account may make payment by ATM transfer

Is there an average tour length?

Tours can be as long as you would like. Tours which we have developed in the past range from half days to 39-day multi-country explorations.

What sort of bicycles and equipment can be hired from SpiceRoads?

For all our tours we use well-known makes of mountain, hybrid or road bikes. We can also provide baby-seats, tag-alongs and kids bikes in Thailand. Gators (pole which attaches a child bike to an adult bike) can also be hired in Chiang Mai.

Can I bring my own bike?

Of course. There are no fees for bringing your own bike. Please make sure it is in good mechanical order.

Types of support vehicles

As this tour is a private tour we can provide as little (or as much) support as you like. We usually provide a vehicle well-stocked with water and snacks to follow behind your group. This makes it easy for riders to get on and off to rest when they are tired.

Children's price

We do not offer a reduced fee for children. Custom tour costs are structured differently – we work out the costs for the group and then divide by the number of riders.

Can we have a personalized tour page?

Absolutely! Here is an example of a page we developed for the charity group Tour of Hope