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  • One of my best holidays ever. A remarkable country. A vast and beautiful landscape, welcoming people, amazing history and culture and great food too! My only complaint is that I needed a bit of a rest when I got home- it was action packed. Thanks, I loved it.

    Elizabeth Armitage - April 2017

  • An excellent trip,a great way to see the country, and a very special experience. I decided I needed to do something very different for my 60th birthday, couldn't have done anything better. The whole thing was fantastic, just had to turn up and everything else was organised.
    Cycling was sometimes tough but enjoyable, our guide was always there to get us through, would recommend this trip to anybody who enjoys a cycling challenge.

    Christopher Warwick - March 2017

  • Fantastic bike trails! Good food, too.

    Robert Kieckhefer - April 2017

  • Our 5th tour with Spiceroads was perfect again. We learned much about Cambodia, about the people, nature, food, politics and history.

    Katja Domschky - April 2017

  • Our first experience was in Bangkok, Thailand. The trip was so much fun we booked a second one within a day in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Both were an excellent way to see the real country outside of the frequented cities. Great tours, great tour guides.

    Ricardo RiVera - April 2017

  • The tour was great. We learned about Cambodia with its nature, its people, its history and everyday life. A Perfect combination. The guide and driver took care on is, every wish became true and they were always there. Even due to very high temperature the tour was a Little suited to our condition. This was our 5th tour with SpiceRoads and the best.

    Thomas Loehning - April 2017

  • A highlight for us was approaching the ruins through the jungle / bush. Touring on bikes is a fantastic way to get off the main roads and really get a feel of the country, landscape, people and see their way of life.

    Paul Crowson - April 2017

  • As ever, SpiceRoads put together the most superb trip. Cycling Coastal Thailand was a beautiful combination of fantastic scenery, a wonderful insight into Thai culture, scrumptious food and luxurious hotels, all glued together by an enthusiastic and very friendly guide.

    Clare Makepeace - March 2017

  • Our tour guide was Win, who was very knowledgeable, attentive of the group and took good care of us. We had a very good time. He took us to some really beautiful sites and we learned a lot about the city and the culture. Highly recommend it. Ask for Win!

    Julian Cabrera - April 2017

  • This was the perfect weekend break away from Bangkok. We cycled through beautiful countryside and were surrounded by fruit trees, local people working in the fields and very little traffic. Highlights were coming across a lovely Farmer's market and buying local organic produce. Would highly recommend.

    Sara Painter - April 2017

  • Overall I, and the small group thought it was excellent. Only 3 of us on the tour, good guide, new bikes and really interesting routes and tourist site visits. The standout was the accommodation (and the food) - so often accommodation is cheap on these tours as the operators try to make their margins but as a group we felt the accommodation always exceeded our expectations, they were either in amazing locations, had lots of character but were always of high quality. One of the participants had been on two other SpiceRoads tours and he rated this the best but rated SpiceRoads highly for the other tours he'd been on as well.

    Fraser Moodie - March 2017

  • Unique experience, a perfect way to really feel the vibrancy of the Mekong Delta and people. Well organized, top class guides and support team. Exceeded our expectations.

    Cliff Molin - March 2017

  • Unbelievable way to see the Mekong Delta. Great food, vistas and lots of laughter. Our guide was one of the best I have ever encountered. This is the best way to see Vietnam and its people. Five stars all the way.

    Shane Hollett - March 2017

  • Amazing out of the way off the beaten track experience with great staff amazing food and stunning hotels.

    Richard Stokoe - March 2017

  • A great way to see a country up close, away from the main tourist areas.

    Josephine Farrugia - March 2017

  • Excellent but challenging riding in humid and hot conditions. Tour leaders, bus transfers, hotel accommodation and cycling day food and drink breaks were fantastic. Lots to see along the way and a nice variety of sight stops.

    Lew Hine - March 2017

  • This was an amazing way to see Northern Thailand. The guide and the driver could not have been more helpful. The guide would fill us in with local history and details as we explored areas you would never find otherwise. The cycling was appropriately paced, delicious breaks as we went and we always were welcomed warmly at lovely Thai accommodation. Food was excellent and there was always a unique experience on the horizon.The three of us will regard this as a holiday of a lifetime.

    Julia Dockrell - March 2017

  • Great way to see the countryside and local life. I was impressed at how our guide managed to avoid busy roads yet we cycled on reasonably well maintained surfaces.

    Denis Jeff - March 2017

  • We have now done two tours with SpiceRoads. Our comfort and safety were always number one priority. These tours are full of fun and amazing cultural experiences. All the guides we've had the pleasure of being with have been extremely knowledgeable, answering any and all questions, and keep the days filled with adventure and new experiences around every corner! Our drivers are always close by with a lift, great drinks and snacks. The accommodations are always fantastic, albeit maybe a little different some days, but clean and comfortable, sometimes luxurious! The food is simply amazing and there's always so much of it!Thank you for the fabulous tours!!

    Laurie Koenig - March 2017

  • A must do ride - difficult enough to be challenging without the need to be super fit.The opportunity to see a combination of Iconic sites - Angkor temples etc. plus rural life in Vietnam and Cambodia. Accompanied by guides anxious to help in anyway they can.

    Peter Russell-Pavier - February 2017

  • Wonderful way to get to know Thailand. Guide and driver were fantastic.

    David Iannone - March 2017

  • A great way to pack a lot in to a short period. The scenery was beautiful, the riding excellent, and our guide and driver took great care of us.

    Iona Fisher - March 2017

  • The mix of cycling, places visited, logistics (support, bikes, back up) and quality of accommodation was great.

    Beryl Kennedy - February 2017

  • For the second time I chose "Spice Roads" and I am, again very happy.

    Gérard Prouharam - March 2017

  • The portion of the ride along the beach was spectacular - something I couldn't imagine experiencing anywhere else in the world!

    Jason Castellan - February 2017

  • Easily the best way to see what life is like for ordinary Vietnamese.

    Eric Sheldon - February 2017

  • The perfect tour! Good company and exellent guides/drivers!

    Bjorn Sverre Hoslemo - February 2017

  • 1. Our guide - Jehan was fantastic! He was competent, knowledgable, authentic and so enthusiastic. Moreover, he has a wonderful gentle sense of humour which became increasingly evident throughout the tour, both through his anecdotes of life, history and culture of India but also in the manner in which he interacted with all the guests on the tour.
    2. The other guests (a couple from the UK) who were a joy to be with for almost two weeks. We shared the 'journey' in so many ways but always in good spirits with lots of friendly banter.
    3. Accommodation - All great with a few through the middle of the tour being exceptional.
    4. The route - Th cycling days averaged 60km with one day of 90km. Mostly flat terrain but there was one day of 50km riding that was quite strenuous. However, with the cohesion of the group, the riding on all days was enjoyed. Most particularly, I enjoyed the morning rides through villages where day to day life unfolded before our eyes.
    5. The food - Much to Jehan's credit, we enjoyed a rich array of coal delights for every meal. To my knowledge, nobody experienced the slightest touch of 'Delhi Belly'. On the contrary, the dishes were always fresh and served with complete hygiene.
    6. The extra bits that make all the difference:
    - great bikes that were perfect for the conditions
    - fantastic bus/support vehicle with two team members that were very friendly and efficient
    - great pre tour information and liaison particularly via heaps of interaction with Penchudee who has always been friendly an efficient in responding to my queries

    Geoff Noblett - February 2017

  • We loved the back roads and "in the country" cycling (mixed with busy roads, too). The guides were friendly and the food was fantastic, and very plentiful.

    Anne Cowan - February 2017

  • This was a fantastic road bike trip, ideally for serious road bike riders, rather than the touring enthusiast. The organisation, accommodation, food and quality of the guides was extremely high and a credit to Spice Roads. When a serious problem arose due to an accident, the level of support provided by the Guides was outstanding. I will forever be in their debt.

    Bob Annells - February 2017

  • Excellent combination of biking, visiting sites and eating local foods. A great way to see the country.

    Susan Eaton - February 2017

  • I've taken a lot of organized active trips, and this was the best. Perfect combination of active vacation, local culture and sites.

    Maria Klutey - February 2017

  • Perfect combination of outdoor adventure, sustainable tourism and cultural experience. A service orientated organisation that goes out of its way to satisfy the customer's needs.

    Erik Bohm - February 2017

  • Our group was well-suited in age, ability, and pace. It was a really fun trip.

    Mary Annette Hamilton - February 2017

  • We enjoyed every moment. The trip was well designed for variety and culture. The guide was flexible and shared her knowledge according to our interests.

    The Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai four day trip was a perfect combination of riding on back roads, culture, fantastic places to stay and great food. I'd recommend it highly!

    Karen Krieger - February 2017

  • Good pace, informative guide, particularly thoughtful of young kids and everyone's interests.

    Brilliant way to explore a country and good balance between culture and exercise. Great family holiday - especially with an excellent guide Boro!!

    Clare and Mark Young - February 2017

  • First time on any cycle tour- surpassed all expectations- cant wait to do another tour!

    Danny Carey - February 2017

  • Our guide Noom is a treasure- very knowledgeable on many fronts, including culture, flora and fauna.

    Bennett Cowan - February 2017

  • An amazing combination of riding, learning and fun. We are grateful for the wonderful experience we have experienced with them.

    Nadav Lipkin - February 2017

  • I really enjoyed my tour with Khun Tony. Even though I have lived in Thailand for many years, I learned some new things.

    Lynette Pinvises - February 2017

  • Not just a cycling tour. See the real country people and food.

    Suzan Bradley - February 2017

  • I really enjoyed everything about the trip. The bikes and organisation were good and our guide, a young woman by the name of Jao, was outstanding. She was friendly, informative and a very competent cycle group leader.

    Garry McLeay - February 2017

  • Our third tour with you was an excellent one for people our age (between 71 and 74). We are impressed by the professionalism of the guide and the driver and both of them were very sympathetic.

    Hildur Aase - January 2017

  • The ride was very challenging but the food, our fantastic guide Noom was the best we have had! He and Mr. Chien worked so well together. Noom knew so much about all the cycling. It was a challenging tour and he was very encouraging to us and very happy all the time. He took us to see several sights that we were not expecting and we really enjoyed his food expertise. We ate so well!

    Anne Cowan - February 2017

  • Spice Roads far exceeded our expectations. The accommodations were lovely, the food was fantastic and, most importantly, we were in such good hands with Nok as our guide and Bong as our porter. Nok was so very knowledgeable in answering all our many questions about the culture, the food, and the biology of the area. He was very careful to adapt the tour to our needs. We suffered a few cuts and scrapes and insect bites, which is to be expected and he was always right there to administer first aid. Pong kept the van spotless, kept the bikes in perfect running order checking them thoroughly every day and making tune ups as needed. He made sure we had all kinds of local fruit and delicacies for snacks and observed us quietly to determine our tastes and adapted the fare he offered accordingly.
    This is just the perfect way for my son and I to spend quality time together making memories that will last us a lifetime.

    Matthew Eshleman - January 2017

  • Amazing way to see a country and keep the kids entertained and active!

    Maria Dorothea Steinebach - January 2017

  • Best way to see village life in Laos. Lor, our tour guide was fantastic.

    Paul Abernethy - February 2017

  • Excellent combination of biking, visiting sites and eating local foods. A great way to see the country.

    Felix Weber - February 2017

  • Spice Roads did it again. This is our second trip with them and they got EVERYTHING right. Knowing we were in expert hands with our guide and our driver tending to our needs, we were able to fully immerse in experiencing the culture, exquisite food, and natural beauty of Thailand. Mind-blowing experience.

    Michael Eshleman - January 2017

  • Thank you for an unforgettable and unique holiday. The programme of biking and site seeing was perfect.
    The team work between the two guides Sagara Sampath and Dasun Chamara was exceptional and made the trip run like clock-work!
    From the moment of the briefing to the sad drop off at the end, it was clear they were in total control and had genuine concern for our safety, welfare and happiness.
    They were an absolute joy to spend our holiday with, both being kind, caring and fun representatives for Spice Roads and I cannot commend their professionalism enough.

    Lisa Herrington - January 2017

  • First father and (9 year old) son trip. It exceeded expectations on all accounts including locations, friendliness of guide and driver, combination of accommodation, cycling and other activities. He wants to go with Spice Roads again ...

    Claus Walter Peter Schuermann - January 2017

  • A great way to visit three beautiful countries, to meet friendly locals, enjoy great food & to make new friends.

    David Banks - January 2017

  • Fantastic life experience, combining cycling, mind-blowing history and culture, all made super fun by the guides who take excellent care of their group.

    Lisa Herrington - January 2017

  • Amazing trip! Super Guides, well planned out itinerary. Really got the feel of the country and its people!

    Donald Archibald - January 2017

  • 1) Spice Roads ran our tour for two people, us. We traveled by van, bike and boat on the Mekong. We biked among school students riding home to lunch. It is the way to see a country.
    2) M. Chamaroeun was our guide in Cambodia. He was knowledgeable, organized, professional and compassionate, and modeled compassion for us.

    Susan Hayden - January 2017

  • Tour where I enjoyed most biking, food, weather, people and the professionalism of Spice Roads.

    Valentino Franco Accordi - January 2017

  • A great way to experience both the " must see" sites and the local culture and people of small villages. The professionalism, organization and well planned routes make this a great trip.

    Deanne Brandstetter - January 2017

  • Mr Lor was fantastic and we really enjoyed our tour. Thanks again for the fantastic service.

    Glenda Baker - January 2017

  • Our Guide - Srey Pannha was absolutely superb, taking very good care of the whole family through the entire tour and adjusting the plan as required to take account of tired legs (young and old!!).
    We really loved it and have already been recommending the tour to many of our friends.

    Peter Godsell - January 2017

  • Flexibility, friendliness and local knowledge from our guide Try made our holiday a fantastic experience- thank-you!

    Hilary Porritt - January 2017

  • Overall, the quality of the roads are very good with smooth pavement, usually a nice clean shoulder lane to ride on that is shared with motor-bikes and drivers that are courteous and give you plenty of room. The support team go out of their way to assist, keeping water bottles full and finding local snacks such as sticky rice wrapped in banana leaves to keep up your energy.

    James Bolton - January 2017

  • Excellent tour - we saw and learned far more than if we would have gone off on our own!

    Steve Kamyszek - January 2017

  • The bikes were great. The guides were enthusiastic, knowledgeable and responsive to our needs.

    Jane Fields - January 2017

  • We saw parts of the Hanoi countryside that we would never, ever have seen on a bus tour including a beautiful 3rd Century temple. It was fantastic. Most surprising was cycling through the banana plantations - so close to the city but felt a thousand miles from anywhere. We stopped at a few local places for snacks and lunch - great street food that we would not have tried without Cuong's local knowledge. A great day with a great guide. It was totally unforgettable and we look forward to using the Spice Roads company again in the future.

    Cherelle and Mark Power - December 2016

  • Perfect organization and very competent guide!

    Marc Schmitz - January 2017

  • A great trip with plenty of cycling through the countryside, good food and cultural sites.

    Geoffrey Lyons - January 2017

  • What a ride! The Mae Hong Son hills loop is an incredible route and our phenomenal guide and driver made the trip special every step of the way. I miss it already!!

    Gayle Murdoch - January 2017

  • Excellent combination of biking, visiting sites and eating local foods. A great way to see the country.

    Steven Held - January 2017

  • What a wonderful journey! 4 days of cycling through central Thailand is pure relieve for your mind, body and soul.

    Raphael Rohner - February 2017

  • Sri Lanka is a lovely country to see on the bike. This trip takes you off the beaten track and allows you to see the fantastic countryside and wildlife.

    Lucy Ede - February 2017

  • For us it was a great introduction to life in the Mekong Delta. Tien, our guide, helped us in every way to enjoy the trip, telling us about local farming and home life, fruits, vegetables, a few words of Vietnamese and he guided us in our food choices. The cycling was a most enjoyable meander- as advertised, no rush but we covered c50k a day on quiet paths and tracks generally. It was a great trip with good company in our small group.
    Also, due to a flu bug, one of us felt we may not be able to start the trip on the planned date. Spice Roads were flexible and prompt in their response, indicating a quite reasonable charge top arrange a special taxi to catch up with the group. Their helpful attitude was appreciated

    William Scott - December 2016

  • An action-packed time for the family.

    Stuart Babbage - December 2016

  • My wife and I would like to thank you for a wonderful cycling experience
    We are not cyclist as such but Jike our guide was patient and gave us the best time imaginable.
    Both he and the driver, Wone looked after us with enthusiasm and provided us with delightful meals enjoying Thai food very much.Thank you.

    Sjoerd and Ann de Boer - January 2017

  • A Spice Roads Tour is the best way to see the country and to keep fit at the same time. It is also very sociable riding with others who share the journey. Support is always at hand in the event of problems.

    Malcolm McLean - January 2017

  • Great customer service - booking through website was fast and easy. Waraporn was a delight to deal with and answered my emails promptly and in detail. Bike tour was a fantastic way to see Vietnam. Perfect combination of riding and site seeing. Enjoyed the range of accommodations - from simple to a bit more upscale. Meals and snacks were plentiful and tasty. Giang is a great leader. He is organized, has a good sense of humour and is eager and proud to share his knowledge and love of his country. Giang and his team were attentive to our every need.

    Caralyn Cipin - November 2016

  • Despite all of the unexpected rain resulting in massive flooding in southern Thailand, the Bangkok to Phuket trip was awesome, being my first long-distance bike ride. Eclectic participants from six countries and an awesome guide 'Bottle' and support person. Am truly impressed with the planning involved. Will definitely being doing more trips in the future.

    Dale Rush - January 2017

  • I have just completed the Bangkok to Phuket road bike tour and would like to provide some feedback.
    Firstly, I cannot say enough how much I appreciated the efforts of the tour guides, Mr. Woody, Mr. Bottle, Mr. Rin, Mr. Wat, and Mr. Temple. They are a credit to Spice Roads and one of the main reasons the trip was so enjoyable.
    Secondly, the food was absolutely fabulous. Not just the meals at the various restaurants but also the fruit and street food provided from the back of the tour bus.
    Finally, the route itself was just about as good as you could expect. Warm weather, (some) sunshine, and wherever we stopped the people were friendly.
    Thanks Spice Roads, and I hope to tour with you again in the future.

    Richard Bartlett - January 2017

  • The tour was exactly as described. Our guide, Aum, was brilliant and made the tour even more enjoyable. The quality of the overnight stops, especially the first night, was better than expected. The lunch stops were all interesting and the fruit stops were perfect. Our van driver, Mr Sit, was also extremely good and always there when we needed him.

    Jane Johnson - January 2017

  • At age 67 this was one of the best vacations I have ever taken.

    Robert Owen - January 2017

  • The local knowledge of guides Chan and Chamara placed us riding along the backroads, immersed in the daily life happenings of Sri Lankans, which I doubt we would do to such an extent on our own. The close to daily stops at local tea shops were one of the highlights of the trip for sure.

    Allison Blechman - December 2016

  • The lead bicycle guide "Chan" did an excellent job of balancing the diverse interests and abilities of the group between riding hard and enjoying the wildlife, landscape and people. Logistics were excellent, with decent bicycles, comfortable vehicles, good route planning and comfortable accommodations.

    Hugh Rose - December 2016

  • Nice cycling, taking in 3 different areas. Lovely local food and local feel to the areas.

    John Slater - February 2017

  • A great way to see beautiful Cambodia and the country's amazing sights. Our guide Nak and driver Nan were the best. Their knowledge, helpfulness and good humour made the trip extra special. The food was excellent and plentiful.

    Karen Esplen - January 2017

  • Fantastic variety, great support and organization.

    Karuna Olatunji - December 2016

  • First time on an organized cycling tour and I'll always go back with SpiceRoads!

    Kayla Kroutil Bishop - January 2017

  • We had a wonderful experience. We particularly enjoyed the perfect mix between biking in the countryside and visit and activities. Both our guide and our driver were friendly and very pro. The region is very nice and all accommodations brought something special.

    Jean-Bruno Beaufume - December 2016

  • Amazing way to see the Mekong Delta. Our guide, Vu was great and SpiceRoads thought of everything. Couldn't be happier with the trip.

    Lynn Wittenburg - December 2016

  • A great mother-daughter traveling experience with just the right amount of adventure and sight seeing.

    Dieni Powell - January 2017

  • A fantastic and enlightening way to explore a country.

    Corin Powell - January 2017

  • Our Chang Mai tour was a small one of four people giving the tour a personalized feel. We felt that our guide Sert was always happy to answer our many questions along the ride always responding with informative responses. Our driver Mr. Dum was helpful and had a good sense of humor. After our experience we will definitely return sometime in the future as customers of Spice Roads.

    Helen Rayner - January 2017

  • This trip was even better than our trip to Cambodia three years ago. Our guide Jick/Jik spoke very good English and was very well informed. Both he and our driver HuWan were helpful and attentive at all times. At one stage he went to a lot of effort to modify our program. They were perceptive to our age requirement (average age 69 years) and dietary tastes. They were punctual and judged the times perfectly.

    John Riley - December 2016

  • The guides, support team and their local knowledge gave great confidence to us as riders in unfamiliar territory. Great combination of rural riding with a transfer option to avoid busy roads.

    Kelly Thompson - December 2016

  • Our tour with SpiceRosds was the highlight of our trip. We visited sites we would not have done otherwise and the accommodations provided in our tour was diverse and always excellent. The professionalism of the company could been seen in everything we did and was done for us. Big thanks to guide Yo and driver Rin.

    Sigríður Lára Gunnlaugsdóttir - December 2016

  • A professionally planned trip on quite roads and quieter tracks through stunning countryside and fascinating communities, led by a truly impressive young man who allowed us insights into his world. Thank you.

    Philip MacLaurin - December 2016

  • Awesome cycling guide, meticulous driver! Sorted out food and drink and coffee during the rest stops. Fill out tummy with glorious food to fuel us for the next day of saddle time!

    Md Fairul Nizam Hassan - December 2016

  • Noon (the guide) and Sak (the driver) were both excellent. This was a challenging tour but they dealt with all of the small things so that we could focus on the cycling.

    Peter Dean - December 2016

  • It was my first time in Laos, so being on a bicycle allowed me to really soak up the atmosphere and stop at interesting places as we cycled by. Some nice surprises that we would not have experienced if we were in a car

    Geoff Garnett - December 2016

  • Thank You for a really great tour and extraordinary vacation!

    Herbert Schmid - December 2016

  • Our guide was excellent at finding local establishments that served excellent food. We enjoyed seeing the country by bicycle.

    David Johnson - December 2016

  • The ONLY way to explore the Angkor Wat Temple Complex is with a cycle tour and educated guide. Loved this trip! I have to give a huge compliment to Nat, he went Above and beyond to help a Aussie couple who signed up late to our same tour and had many 'special' requests as they had to get a ride from Floating Market to airport, asked us all for longer picture stops and they had to miss part of the tour. Nat was on the phone helping them and he also made sure we were ok with the changes to the ITIN first--which we were and that was great he asked us too! I don't know if the Aussie couple realized how much extra they were always asking of Nat (and sometimes us) he was Always so professional about it all. I hope to ride again some day! Thanks!

    Cyndi Cross - December 2016

  • I was a little nervous to eat 'food on the road' but every choice that was made for us was easy and delicious. The teams took every dietary consideration into account. I found the food part of our trip a wonderful surprise.

    Elizabeth Austin - December 2016

  • For an energy filled, challenging and insightful first trip to beautiful Laos, this was a thoroughly satisfying adventure.

    Sally Roxon - December 2016

  • There were four people on our tour. I had never been on single track before (I thought the description on the website of "through the jungle" meant on a paved path). Our guide, Mr. Rith was astoundingly patient with our small group, of which only one seemed to know how to handle a sandy track. While I was challenged, I was thrilled to be able to take the road-less-travelled and see parts of the Angkor complex tourists rarely see.

    Mr. Rith was our tour guide, cycle guide and mechanic. The bicycles were in good condition. For comfort, we brought our own bicycle seats with us and Mr. Rith installed them to the rental mountain bicycles.

    There is so much to see in the Angkor complex. I think we saw 7 temples, all with their own character. We rode through small towns and alongside farming in action. We climbed a mountain and took a boat ride down a river to the biggest lake in Cambodia. Keep an eye out for butterflies, roadside flowers and water buffalo.


    Deborah Propst - December 2016

  • An extremely hard trip that requires a high level of cycling fitness. That said the Van is always available. Both the Guide (Noom) & Driver (Mr Sak) were excellent!

    Gordon Dewar - December 2016

  • A great way to see the area. Suitable for those new to & with experience of Chiang Mai. It gives you the chance to see places outside the City & with superb local Guides ask any questions. Thoroughly recommended!

    Gordon Dewar - December 2016

  • Great way to see a less developed part of Asia. It was full of wonderful natural sights & historical locations. Much of the area is still a working place with farms & local industries prevalent.

    Gordon Dewar - December 2016

  • An awesome trip, breathtaking scenery, good food and an interesting cultural experience. I would highly recommend it. Our guide Tun Tun was a great guide - friendly, helpful, informative, knowledgeable and very easy to get along with. I would most certainly recommend him.

    Frances MacLaurin - December 2016

  • We had an excellent tour in the Mekong Delta where we had a great experience of Vietnamese culture whilst doing a very pleasant ride. Cycling through the villages we witnessed the day to day life of the local people and saw some amazing sights.
    We thought our guide Thai Minh was brilliant in all aspects of his job and he knew the area very well and was very perceptive to his clients needs. I would definitely highly recommend a trip again with him.

    Avrom and Lindy Sank - December 2016

  • An exhilarating way to experience the wonders of an authentic life of the rural Mekong delta. An overwhelming feast to the senses. The sights, sounds and tastes too diverse and many to describe. Highly recommended.
    A wonderful experience. Thanks to all who made this trip so worthwhile. Special thanks to our outstanding guide Thai who really added depth and value to our trip. Also to Waraporn for your effort.

    Lindy Sank - December 2016

  • Wonderful way to see the country up close and with the guide.
    Enjoyed every aspect of the trip. We were well cared for, met some great people and a good mix of biking that suited me. Great support along the way.

    Karuna Olatunji - December 2016

  • It was a fabulous trip and the cycling companions were super. The leader did a great job given all the different dynamics (e.g. weather, cyclist abilities and fitness, food requirements, timing, training staff). And he accommodated my bike needs, made adjustments quickly and made sure safety was primary.

    Carolyn Prentice - December 2016

  • We loved Cambodia and Phea was an outstanding guide. He was adventurous it also made us feel like we were being well looked after

    Rebecca Coad - December 2016

  • Very enjoyable holiday. Many thanks to Noih who was a very good guide, interesting company and very helpful.

    Barry Speirs - December 2016

  • Vietnam was my second ride with SpiceRoads, and it was another memorable experience. We thought Cuong was an excellent guide! He was very accommodating to my wife, who doesn't ride much, and he was very flexible with the daily agenda.

    Jay Jackson - December 2016

  • So much more than a bike tour! Our guide, Woody, was an incredible steward of his country and culture and enriched our experience immensely. This was not a trip for the meek. If you want real adventure on a guided tour, I cannot recommend this one highly enough.

    Kelly King - December 2016

  • The Philippines is a wonderful place to ride with good roads, dazzling luxuriant scenery, with smiling faces and cheerful welcoming voices with at every turn. If you see it, do not miss a chance to try roast suckling pig.

    Giles Denby - December 2016

  • I wanted to thank you for the sunset tour of Bangkok we did last night with Bird. We travel a lot, have done many tours - this was the best tour we have been on. We expected to see all the sites, but traveling along all the backstreets, laneways and passages, we saw a city that we didn't know existed - so many sights, sounds, smells it was overwhelming. We got to see how real people lived, with magical glimpses into the lives of Bangkok people at every turn. Bird was friendly, informative, interesting and very generous with his time. We cycled for many kilometres without ever getting tired, we were so energized and excited by Bird's tour. What a great asset he is for your company!

    Bruno Bouchet - January 2017

  • Second SpiceRoads cycle tour and would come back for more. Professional service right from the booking to the actual tour. Excellent guide and driver. A great way to see sites and have a biking holiday in one.

    Sarah Turley - December 2016

  • This is a great immersion experience of the people, sights, countryside and local food.
    The guides were professional, friendly, very knowledgeable and took great care of us. It's hard work for a moderately fit 60 year old but totally worth the effort and great comfort to recuperate each evening. A truly unforgettable adventure.

    Geraldine Guilfoyle - December 2016

  • A great way to see the country, food wonderful.

    Elizabeth Rose - December 2016

  • The local guides were fabulous; they made the trip both interesting and seamless.

    Stacy Hankin - July 2016

  • A great time was had on the trip in Cambodia!

    Kirk Frame - September 2016

  • The riding was diverse and challenging. I loved the thrill of the paths along the volcanic rims but also the trails and country roads through the rice paddies. A great job was done designing the cycling route for each day so that we rode through new landscapes and saw different communities. A great feature of the trip was that some days ended in lovely coastal areas with beaches and snorkeling.

    Christian Dyer - September 2016

  • Our first female tour guide-what a delight! Simply fabulous all the way. Fantastic planning, team etc. Always laughing. Extremely informative. Nothing too much trouble. Whole trip wonderful and very memorable time.

    Amanda Swain - November 2016

  • Riding Regal Rajasthan was an awesome way to introduce to the wonders of India.

    Margaret Ashley - November 2016

  • The trip was beautiful, the food was amazing and the staff could not have been more helpful. I can highly recommend SpiceRoads. I loved every minute of this tour. Mr. Bottle and Mr. Woody were brilliant, as were the drivers who were always on hand to help. The food could not have been better (definitely haven't lost weight on this trip!). The route was good and whenever possible, we were taken along quiet back roads. Can highly recommend this tour.

    Charlotte Bartlett - December 2016

  • A great family activity. With four kids ranging in age from 6 to 10 the guides did a fantastic job of managing the days to everyone's abilities. Plus is was a good mix of cycling, sites and relaxing.

    Tim Latimer - October 2016

  • This is our third tour and not disappointed. Exceptionally well organized from bikes sightseeing food and accommodation. The guides are excellent and extremely knowledgeable.
    Prior to the tours if I had any questions it was very easy to contact the company by e-mail and always had a very quick response.Our tour guide Sert (Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai) was wonderful. He made our tour very special. Simply excellent in all areas. Our tour driver was also fantastic. Both very hard working.
    Thank you to them both!

    Amanda Swain - November 2016

  • You really got a feel for the countries by eating the foods that they do. You get to see the countryside by bike, on back roads that the normal tourist does not see but they always take you to the tourist highlights too. You see it all! Mr. Huy was by far the best. I would have rated him excellent in all categories. He went out of his way to ensure that we saw, understood and was happy with all of our trip with him. His driver of the support van was the best too. You have a good team in Cambodia.

    Mary MacDonald - November 2016

  • Great planning, logistics and support for the bike portion. Guides were excellent. No one felt left behind regardless of ability. Great introduction for first timers to Indochina. I would definitely do it again.

    Robert William Stewart - November 2016

  • Our Cambodian guides (Tree and Panha) were absolutely fabulous. They were a perfect combination of familiar and yet professional, enthusiastic, safe, informational. Along with the driver and the bike mechanic , they attended to our every need before we even had time to voice it.

    Karen Simpson - November 2016

  • Our guides enhanced our trip immensely, providing us with an understanding of Cambodian culture and history.

    Mark Fagan - November 2016

  • A great way to see the real Cambodia. Get off the beaten path! Our guides shared their life experiences and were so helpful in taking us through special places in this country. The "home stay" was a highlight--more like camping than I'm used to but I really enjoyed viewing life in a Cambodia village and we were. welcome into our host family. The nights without AC and print ate bathroom were an easy trade-off to this special co. Section. To the people The temperatures were hot and that made the biking more of a challenge he but spice roads organization was impeccable- water stops and support whenever you needed it.

    Jean Kayser - November 2016

  • The guides were very helpful, positive, and flexible. I wanted to let you know I thought Tree and Banya team did an excellent job.

    Kevin Kayser - November 2016

  • Challenging ride, great intimate cultural experience and great guides and local food.

    Raymond Andrew Koleser - November 2016

  • Thailand and Laos local guides were both excellent, personable, happy to share their knowledge about local culture, and very "can do". We had loads of fun, despite some challenging days. The challenges were not a problem, as the van was always handy if we needed a lift.

    Rebekah Ross - November 2016

  • We have just got back from cycling in Sri Lanka. We so enjoyed our trip. The guide Sampath and driver Tarange were outstanding. Friendly, courteous, professional, well organized and very knowledgeable and proud of their country. We will definitely we doing another SpiceRoads trip.

    Gail Trueman - January 2017

  • Great way to get a feel for the lifestyle of the locals!

    Victoria Irene Lytle - November 2016

  • I loved everything about it, I'll do it again.

    Waleed Alkuwaiz - November 2016

  • Cambodia is interesting but I think cycling here would be frustrating without a good guide. Mr. Chamthon proved a very good guide. He knew the back ways to see villages, avoid traffic (Cambodian traffic is extremely free form - our guide made it exciting instead of terrifying). And he knew people in many places we visited. His knowledge of the history and current situations we saw were essential to our understanding and enjoyment. It was also obvious he wanted to learn more and become even better at his job.

    Robert Young - November 2016

  • As always the guides were great. This was a wonderful way of experiencing the real Thailand & Myanmar.

    Alan Douglas Moore - November 2016

  • Well organized, all sharp on time, good equipment

    Philip Anton Brokx - November 2017

  • Fantastic trip,Biking site seeing ,food,accommodation guides & back up crew & a international cycling team.

    Martin Joseph Glynn - November 2016

  • Website, booking and communication all excellent from SpiceRoads ...as for the tour ....don't change a thing ...a superb itinerary, loads of cycling and only essential bus journeys ...our guides and support crew were like family and they were all passionate ambassadors for their country and our every need catered for ....an unforgettable adventure ...thank you

    Angela Denise Clark - November 2016

  • Best way to experience the little villages and eat amazing local dishes.

    Mirtza Escobar - November 2016

  • What an absolutely fabulous holiday! One I will never forget. The trip from Saigon to Hanoi was just what I wanted it to be. Plenty of time cycling off the beaten track, not too much time on the bus and a couple of challenging days. Giang our guide was perfect. He was so friendly and smiling but also so efficient and helpful. And he was well supported by his team. A great way to see Vietnam and it's lovely people.

    Sally Anne Healy - November 2016

  • Anh was a great guide, pointing out sights we wouldn't have noticed along the way and rerouting the tour as conditions warranted. The driver was very skilled on some pretty bumpy and chaotic roads. This tour is a great way to experience the Mekong Delta.

    Gwendolyn Greenfield - November 2016

  • We have done a number of "out of the way" tours with other operators. This tour was very good, at least as good as any we have done. Guides were interesting, rivers were terrific and fun; everything was pretty much as promised. Culturally sensitive. Food was plentiful and tasty. Snacks were often, lots of water - an essential here! Accommodation was odd/good to superb. (Not all rural towns support superb!)
    Would recommend to anyone able to cycle in warm humid. (not that hard!)

    Robert Young - November 2016

  • Wonderful combination of interesting and varied terrain, great guides and drivers, and excellent fellow cyclists. Very much enjoyed the many temples, and the thorough introduction to Thai food. We couldn't have looked after better by Mr. Korn and Mr. Yo, our guides.

    Christine Young - November 2016

  • Japan is like no other destination. Between the scenery, incredible food, safe drivers for cyclists, and unique, but, ideal way of life, it's one of my top 3 destinations. Ever.

    Pamela Pappas - November 2016

  • Fabulous holiday with a good variety of cycling, sightseeing and eating local foods. The custom tour enabled us to focus on the things we were really interested in and the guide was very responsive to our needs.

    Helen Elizabeth Dillingham - November 2016

  • Excellent tour which was well organized and provided a good variety of cycling, sightseeing, visiting craft workshops and of course eating local foods. As this was a custom tour, the guide was very flexible and we were able to adapt the itinerary as required.

    Helen Elizabeth Dillingham - January 2017

  • Loved getting out of the old city and getting a sense of rural Chiang Mai. This was the only day it happened to rain during our two weeks in Thailand! The benefit was that it wasn't too hot to ride around all day. The disadvantage was that it took a while to get started because it was pouring! There is no food provided but we got a couple drinks throughout the day. The bikes were comfortable and they provided you with a water bottle.

    Ayala Azari - November 2016

  • The guides and support staff on the Bangkok to Phuket were exceptional. Their efforts ensured an exceptionally enjoyable trip, motivated and sustained us through some challenging cycling days. Importantly managed our safety on a range of roads from the quite to the busy. Stunning scenery on route with great overnight locations - you can never have enough meals at beachside locations. I would recommend the tour as the best way of seeing some stunning parts of Thailand. The cycling is challenging with many days over 100k, however, the team will look after you and as the slowest cyclist on the trip I always had the support driver ensuring I was ok and handing me energy drinks and cold towels at each rest break. Ant and Esso are superb cycle guides who never stop smiling for 10 days!! The support team were tremendous.

    Michael Gallagher - November 2016

  • Superbly organised and supported. Excellent quality of hotels and restaurants. No better way to see "unseen" Thailand

    Gregory Wright - November 2016

  • Perfect organisation, good food, nice and competent guiedes and drivers/mechanics

    Friedrich Kroeger - November 2016

  • Excellent guides, perfect organisation, carefully selected hotels and restaurants.

    Richard Maehrlein - November 2016

  • I enjoyed the biking tour. We had a great opportunity to see the beautiful landscape along the Mekong. The food in this region is delicious. The guides and drivers were very professional and accommodating.

    Doaa Kopp - November 2016

  • Experienced independent and guided tour cyclists, this was first time we've travelled with SpiceRoads (Central Thailand Explorer). We re absolutely delighted. Guide "Woody" was very experienced, very knowledgeable about culture, history, food, etc, and understood our interests (and abilities). Mr. San, our driver, was super attentive with water, snacks, excellent vehicle support. Accommodations were varied but generally good; great local food opportunities. Look forward to another opportunity in future.

    Katherine Clendenan - November 2016

  • Nice trip, excellent guide. I was sick the second day and the guides were very accommodating to allow me to wallow in the van in my fever while giving my wife full attention as she rode.

    Jan Krieger - November 2016

  • We had a wonderful Saigon to Hanoi cycle tour with Spiceroads last month.
    Giang Nguyen is the best tour guide there is !

    Stijn en Miet Caubergs-Lenaerts - November 2016

  • The North Thailand by Road tour is a very challenging and rewarding experience. All the accommodation was A1 and countryside that we road through was some of the most picturesque that I've had the pleasure of seeing.

    Michael Lockyer - October 2016

  • The best part for me was the support we had while riding. We had our super-capable guide riding alongside us, giving very clear direction and lots of help "towing" the slower riders along. Then there were the 2 support vehicles behind us keeping the traffic at bay, always ready to pull up to provide snacks and cold drinks, or change a flat tire faster than a formula 1 pit stop!

    Alison Bennett - October 2016

  • A thoroughly enjoyable experience which I look forward to repeating with SpiceRoads tours in the future. Anh was an excellent tour guide and together with Tuan, who was a very careful and safe driver, they made an excellent team. The night at the homestay was great fun and the food, some of which was prepared by the guests, was very good.

    Mike Hauck - November 2016

  • We discovered the Malagasy's people are kind, open hearted, and welcoming throughout Madagascar. The scenery was very diverse and eye popping. SpiceRoads prepared delicious fare for us at each lunch stop. I would highly recommend this ride/hike to anyone.

    Mary Patricia Colacino - October 2016

  • Biking and hiking through Madagascar was amazing! Our guides, drivers and bike mechanics were outstanding and were pivotal to our new found knowledge and enjoyment of this beautiful country.

    Helen Seidel Cates - October 2016

  • This was a great tour. Kasun and Vijay took care of every aspect and both the cycling and heritage site visits were fascinating. Excellent food and the elephants in the Kaudulla National Park were a highlight. Thanks, Spice Roads.

    Sally Middleton - October 2016

  • Sticky rice needs a sticky soil! Riding the countryside of Laos became an unforgettable experience as we paid the toll to the claytrack.
    Nevertheless, excellently handled!

    Dirk Oliver Kemner - November 2016

  • I want to thank you - 'SpiceRoads' - for a wonderful time & tour with Pakoin on the Bang Kra Jao island - Pakoin provides a fine historical perspective and knowledge about the story of this island, its temples and villages and farms - I could not have asked for a more interesting, informative and fun trip - even the challenge of navigating the virtual one way canal paths through the 'jungle' - especially when there was other traffic. I will strongly recommend this tour for other fellow-travelers. And again, a sincere appreciation and thanks to Pakoin.

    Ash Hartwell - November 2016

  • My entire experience couldn't have been better. All was perfect from the office staff to the on road cycling. Bottle's selection of restaurants was the best of any of my previous five Bangkok to Phuket trips. Another great job by all.

    Richard Jones - October 2016

  • The guide was a "biking library" of information about Angkor Wat and a myriad of other temples in the area. Through him, I have begun to understand the Khmer Empire of which Angkor Wat is a part of. That expertise was exactly what I was looking for. The driver was excellent. After a couple of stops he knew exactly what kind of water beverage I like and had it ready.

    H Philip Thomas - October 2016

  • The guides know exactly what makes the perfect cycling trip for cyclists.

    Keith Thomas Byrne - October 2016

  • Taiwan is an excellent cycling destination which may be unfamiliar to many. The SpiceRoads team provided fantastic organisation leaving us free to enjoy the beautiful mountains, friendly people, and great food. The climb over the Wuling pass and down the Gorge is among the top cycling experience.

    Roderick Samuel Elder - October 2016

  • This was an excellent tour. Very knowledgeable guide who was also great company. The tour was interesting and well planned, food excellent and accommodation good. I would recommend this tour to anyone

    Judy Somekh - October 2016

  • I’ve just done a cycling tour in Vietnam and our guide was Hi.

    This was a great trip and Hi was a fantastic guide. I’ve done another SpiceRoads tour in Cambodia before, that also was really great.

    I always recommend you.

    Tony Greig - October 2016

  • Huy and Nan were very personable. Our group had so much fun with their guidance and knowledge.

    Frank Cerny - October 2016

  • My second trip with SpiceRoads and a third is booked. Be it the food, the hotels or the guides, excellence is the norm. Seeing Thailand by road bike is amazing. Aum, Rin and Moo were excellent representatives for SpiceRoads

    Michael Parsons - October 2016

  • This tour was a good mix of different types terrain, hills and flats. Some days were harder than others. The scenery and areas we rode through were spectacular. And yes have to say the camp mattress was the most comfortable I've slept on. I was very pleased with this tour. The staff and guide had the highest level of professionalism. there were times when they went beyond their required duties to make our trip richer and more enjoyable. One night our driver entertained us with singing Nepali songs, and another night Soraj took us to have our foreheads stamped with tika since it was part of the Dashain festival the n Nepal while we were there.

    David Kennicott - October 2016

  • A very unique holiday experience that really provided a diverse mix of experiences.

    Alison Moss - October 2016

  • An enriching cultural experience in terms of history and present development. Great diverse biking both in distance and terrain, sometimes physically demanding with heat, humidity and torrential downpours. Delicious food, well organised, good support - a real adventure to be remembered for a long time.

    Allison Martin - October 2016

  • I have been on a 10 days tour of North Thailand.
    The tour was very well organised, the hotels were superior, the guides ( Num & Tony) and the driver were extremely helpful and service oriented.

    Eran Elias - October 2016

  • A wonderful way to explore the countryside, an amazing experience with wonderful guides, great local food and perfect weather! A wonderful day and we loved our guides! thank you so much.

    Gina Franich - October 2016

  • I enjoyed the biking. I enjoyed the history, facts and knowledge of the guide about customs. Enjoyed the different foods.

    Laura Smales - October 2016

  • The Red River Delta tour was the ultimate way to get a deep look into Vietnam's countryside. It's a bit of a bumpy ride but you'll find yourself amazed by the adventures through village backroads and stunning landscapes of rice paddies and mountains.

    Joanne Heraty - October 2016

  • This trip was a great combination of cycling and hiking that took us to seem extremely interesting places in Madagascar. Lucien and Solofo were excellent guides, as were Tuju and Stefan the other two that rode with the group. All were helpful, patient and encouraging. The drivers who also prepared lunches everyday were wonderful. Lucien is a great leader and Solofo has a great future ahead of him as a guide and leader.

    Louise Meyrick - September 2016

  • Easy paced tour concentrating on culture and history rather than simply covering miles.

    Robert Tolefree - September 2016

  • Really knowledgeable and friendly guides on this tour. They gave us a fascinating insight into the country. The picnic lunches that they provided on most days were exceptional. If seemed like we got a brand-new bike every day, as all the bikes were washed, checked and running repairs performed overnight.

    Gerrard Bell - September 2016

  • Just want to say that the guide I had today was brilliant. He really gave me a tour that allowed me to get an experience of real Cambodia. I had a great time!

    If all your guides are like him I will definitely be booking another trip in the future with spice roads...a longer one at that.

    Thanks again for your assistance in organising this trip for me.

    Dean Thomson - October 2016

  • Brilliant trip, ably guided and a great spirit of camaraderie. Vietnam was a great place to visit, with friendly people and great food. Will definitely be back

    Russell Brimelow - September 2016

  • I want to let you know that the tour today was spectacular. It was thoughtfully designed, but most importantly exceptionally executed by Hai (and Dai, of course). Hai is so personable and so knowledgeable; I learned so much today. He also was patient and encouraging throughout our biking and other adventures, and I cannot praise his work enough. You are indeed lucky to have him represent your company.

    Elizabeth Large - October 2016

  • We had a fantastic holiday! Our guide was superb, kept us entertained with so many stories and had an incredible depth of knowledge about the country and culture and history. And then there was the food ... wow! He had trained as a chef so really knew where to eat, what to order, how to serve. We would go back in a heartbeat.

    Paula Mulligan - September 2016

  • This trip to Madagascar was one of the best we made! Just wonderful! Lucien is not only a guide, he is everything on this tour. The design of the tour is extremely well done. We loved the biking, sometimes on the potholed road and sometimes off road biking of the best. A very good choice of the hotels in bungalow-style, very comfortable, clean and good situated. The whole crew was very well organized, in a good mood and helpful. We loved the picnic-lunches they prepared for us and the spots they chose to eat. Lucien, who knows so much about his land, the culture, the people, the very special flora and fauna, had always an answer to our questions (and saw all the chameleons in the trees. Amazing). Thanks so much for this special trip. Elisabeth & Hans Peter from Switzerland. We look already forward to book a next tour. I think I'm a little bit addict.

    Elisabeth Herzig - July 2016

  • Our tour guide was exceptional. We rode for miles through incredible sites and experienced a new side of Thailand.

    Lizi Hamer - September 2016

  • Saw parts of Bangkok not available to the average traveler. The Bangkok Jungle Tour was a great way to find some green space so close to the city. The tour guides really made the bike ride informative and fun.

    Jon Bowlby - September 2016

  • Really fun way to see the more wild side of a country.

    Kath O'Reilly - August 2016

  • If you want to experience the city as a local, this will be a good start! Interesting for learning about the history of the city too.

    Kati Varela - September 2016

  • We really enjoyed seeing the Bangkok Jungle. Somewhere we wouldn't have gone otherwise, and we got to see a lot of the culture of Thailand too.

    Ibby Thompson - September 2016

  • I’ve now completed the online feedback survey for the Shan Hills (Myanmar) cycling tour which my wife & I completed during the week of September 12th to the 16th.

    The tour was excellent, due in part to the natural beauty of Myanmar, but more importantly due to the incredible ability of our guides. In particular, our main guide, Tun Tun, was exceptional. He was always very friendly, enthusiastic, patient, and spoke excellent English. Tun Tun always explained our itineraries clearly, translated for us when needed, and anticipated our every need. There is no doubt that Tun Tun is a great asset to Spice Roads and we cannot recommend him highly enough.

    In addition, the driver (who went by the name “Mr Chai) always drove safely and was always present whenever needed. After spending only a few hours with our guides, we had already considered them friends, which goes a long way when you’re traveling a remote and distant country. Our bike engineer (Si Thu) was also very reliable; the bicycles provided were top-notch. If we ever had an issue (we had one punctured tire), this was quickly repaired by Si Thu.

    We were also very pleased with the selection of food and accommodation at each location in which we stayed.

    Thanks again for organizing this wonderful trip for us!

    William Grey - September 2016

  • Exploring the Shan Hills in Myanmar was incredibly fun thanks to our terrific guides! The combination of hotels, food, and service provided by our guides during our stay always was exceptional, well-worth the price, and always left us feeling secure and cared-for. In addition to cycling, the guides also drove us or arranged excursions to local cultural sites in each location we visited. We cannot recommend the Myanmar Shan Hills tour enough. Tun Tun was a terrific and knowledgable guide. He was friendly, enthusiastic, and spoke good English. Mr Chai was always on time and there exactly when we needed him. Cannot recommend him enough.

    William Grey - September 2016

  • The guides are experienced and professional in all aspects of knowledge, riding, repairs, culture and history. Tri and Rit are exceptional at what they do on these tours

    Paul Winter - October 2016

  • Great guides who know the area very well. was great getting onto the back rural roads.

    Sam Gobran - September 2016

  • Dear Spice Roads,
    I am writing you again about my fabulous trip in Jan 2016 thru Laos, Cambodia, and into Thailand. Mr Bota Sin was our 2nd guide while in Cambodia. Mr. Bota Sin was a great guide! I will and have recommended him to my friends that wish to bike travel thru Cambodia.
    He is attentive to all details, stays completely attuned to the needs of the biking group. For example, I was one of the back of the line riders and he made sure I was never alone or behind. He made sure we had frequent rest/food stops as the climate was much more humid and hotter than what we were used to. He is very educated and it was a pleasure to converse with him on a wide variety of subjects. His language skills are proficient!
    Bota is very hard working, no detail too small to attend to, and never "off duty". Please include Mr Bota Sin as a guide in your tours. Your clients will be superbly taken care of and will have an incredible experience which will only keep clients coming to your tours! I know when I come back, I will ask for Mr Bota Sin and recommend him to my friends!

    ps. this was my 3rd trip through Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, by bike. I can say due to the care of Mr Bota Sin, that it was one of my favorites!

    Sheila Murphy - January 2016

  • I just wanted to say what a wonderful trip we had.
    Just got home yesterday. Everything went smoothly and the guides and accommodation were excellent. As I might have said....I'm a keen photographer so I'll send you a link to an album of the photos from the trip soon. Thanks again for organizing everything....it's the kind of trip that we'll remember for a lifetime.

    Simon Daniels - August 2016

  • Eddy was an excellent guide. He seemed to know every dirt path on the island of Bali, and he adjusted our route to ensure it was at the appropriate level for our skills. He went far above and beyond his duties to make sure we enjoyed our trip, even inviting us to his home so that we could see first-hand how Balinese families celebrate one of the biggest Hindu holidays of the year. This was one of the highlights of the week. I couldn't recommend Eddy highly enough as a guide--he provided stellar service. I really appreciated having a support van and extra bikes always at the ready, along with snacks. The driver made a special effort to get us local fruit that was in season and that we'd never tried before. I had a very positive experience and am planning to go on another SpiceRoads trip in the future. It was an amazing way to see Bali, and had just the right amount of physical challenge to make the trip into an adventure. I was very pleased with the excellent service provided by our guide, Eddy, and would highly recommend this trip to others. Thanks for making my holiday such a memorable one!

    Christopher Walker - September 2016

  • Fantastic trip & you get to see the real beautiful Bali. Eddie was marvous - very friendly & always willing to help - always happy. The highlight was when we had lunch with his family

    Carol Green - September 2016

  • Excellent two week trip. Great exposure to the local communities in Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand and a great way to see these countries in good company. While all three were good, Heng, in Cambodia, was best all round. Great experience. I'll travel with you again.

    Ian Davidson - August 2016

  • Well organised, great guides and support team, good quality accommodation and comfortable bus ( for the transfers). Excellent introduction to Myanmar.
    Both Toe Toe and Nine Nine were friendly, enthusiastic and energetic throughout the trip

    John Francis O'Connor - August 2016

  • Cycling, restaurants and hotel were very good, the support from the spiceroad guides and driver was excellent. They were very friendly and informative. Thank you very much Bottle, Leo and Sumwat.

    Wendy Urban - September 2016

  • A very well organised trip. The cycling was perfect and we enjoyed the variation in terrain from Vietnam through Cambodia into Thailand.

    Simon Daniels - August 2016

  • Mongolia - a life changing event. You fall back to your feet and your touch,fell and smell reality !

    Rolf Roesen - July 2016

  • Bangkok is stunning at night.

    Tatjana Kaiser - August 2016

  • Good bikes, interesting route and stop-offs and an excellent guide (Noom) created a memorable highlight of our time in Chiang Mai. Highly recommended!

    Gregory Vuht - August 2016

  • Great MTB trip exploring the plains and mountain passes in Mongolia. Fabulous experience immersing ourselves in the nomadic culture as well as experiencing camel & horse riding, riding to hot springs and waterfalls, monasteries and enjoying some time in ger camps.

    Sheila Ann Mcdowall - July 2016

  • Great way to get moving & see outside Chiang Mai centre. Ton was warm, friendly, knowledgeable & kept me safe on the roads.

    Mandy-Leah Hunter - August 2016

  • The Myanmar Heritage tour was just not long enough! Would be happy to have done another week. Our guides and drivers were fantastic, thanks for making our trip so easy and fun... Toe Toe and Nie Nie (? spelling) were fantastic. Always smiling, always helpful, always there when needed, keeping the group well paced and making sure everyone was handling the cycling, the roads, the traffic and the heat ok and having a great time. They kept us safe all the way. Awesome job guys. Our bus was in excellent condition and kept that way all tour. Our driver was an exceptionally safe driver, couldn't ask for better on some difficult roads. And "Co Co" (?spelling) who managed our snacks and refreshments along the way - did not miss a beat. Cold drinks, fresh fruit, great selection of great options snack wise. Well timed, always clean and set up. Really good quality and standards (best I've had on a tour)
    Overall, this experience with Spice Roads and your pre-tour communications and management, as well as the tour guides, food, restaurants, hotels being of such high quality, means I have no hesitation booking another tour with Spice Roads, and would recommend them highly to anyone.

    Susan Penelope Macdonald - August 2016

  • The only way to see Cambodia, Spice Roads staff are the best and most helpful. Excellent knowledge.

    Andrew Davies - August 2016

  • Perfect combination of road cycling, culture, nature and delicious local cuisine. This is the way to see Sri Lanka and our guide, Kusan was absolutely awesome! Everything about this trip exceeded our expectations. From the superb condition of the tarmac to the high quality bikes - everything better than expected. Moreover, Kusan has the enthusiasm and personality needed to guide cyclists through an amazing country. Our driver was top notch - attentive, helpful, and always ready with food, water and a big smile! Moreover, he kept our bikes clean, lubed and ready to roll!
    Thanks for an amazing holiday!

    Robert Milofsky - July 2016

  • The tour was excellent and the guides were great. The local knowledge and stories were very much appreciated.

    JAMES FOREST YEAGER - August 2016

  • A great itinerary, friendly people and gorgeous food.

    Gael Montgomerie - August 2016

  • Sulawesi was surprising - hospitable people who let us join in on a wedding - confronted us with their funeral customs - delighted us with good coffee and the wonderful scent of cloves drying by the roadside. I love seeing a country from my bike.

    Alison O'Dea - August 2016

  • I just would like to thank your organisation for a fantastic trip. We both had a wonderful time and Mongolia Expeditions did an incredible job of making sure every aspect of the trip of went well.

    Sheila McDowall - August 2016

  • A great way to see the country and not just the main tourist areas. The local food was spectacular and the riding was at a good pace, you see much more on bikes and can stop anytime to get a closer look.
    Sok had a great knowledge of Cambodia - particularly the temples and some great places to eat. Our driver was extremely helpful, always ready with water and snacks when needed - nothing was too much trouble

    Michael Griffiths - July 2016

  • I cannot think of a better way to see a country than by bike. Our guides were incredible - they knew just where to stop at interesting sites and were great at explaining local customs and lifestyles. The hotels were great and the food was awesome!

    Todd Simpson - July 2016

  • What a great tour. Nat, our cycling guide is a solid rider and with good skill and great knowledge of Thailand and the local areas we visited. Our support driver, Mr Rinn, was awesome and great at sourcing local street food to snack on.

    Derek Heiden - July 2016

  • We had an amazing time biking from Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai with the expert guidance of Noom and Chuen. The trip exceeded our expectations and allowed us to discover the region in all its authenticity. Noom arranged all our preferences (authentic food) and his daily film reports are awesome!

    Erwin Roovers - July 2016

  • A funny way to discover the green part of Bangkok, easy to be done with the whole family.

    Eva Van Deun - July 2016

  • Cycled through the slums of bangkok, transported ourselves and the bicycles across the river to the island, cycled through bangkok's jungle, stopped for really really good snacks, ended the journey with the busy roads of bangkok. oh, and we had fantastic tour guides, artty and tony

    Michelle Goh - July 2016

  • Extremely well organised and fantastic cycling experience. Great food, great guides, and a beautiful country. Thank you SpiceRoads

    Tamika Heiden - July 2016

  • It was a really nice way to see local life outside the big city, and also good exercise. The guide was enthusiastic and it was great fun.

    Elaine Kurtenbach - July 2016

  • Spice Roads' partner in Mongolia knows the ropes. They provided everything we needed. They are friendly and good-natures. There were five staff to four of us travelers.

    Lawrence Frank Nahlik - July 2016

  • Just wanted to send a note to say thank you. I really enjoyed my tour and the guide was very fun to spend time with. All in all it was worth the trouble with the booking. Please convey my thanks to Wew

    Elaine Kurtenbach - August 2016

  • We had a wonderful bike trip in Vietnam and thoroughly enjoyed every single day. We would like to let you know, that Zang has contributed the most to make it a sucessful experience.

    Zang is not only an excellent guide but also a very pleasant and emphatic person with a fine sense of humour. His organisational and logistic skills are fantastic.
    He could tell as a lot about history, culture, religion and daily life of the Vietnamese people. He managed to handle our small groupe of four
    (we from Switzerland and the other couple from Southafrica) in such a way that we felt vey comfortable during our entire biking trip and we had a lot of fun, too.

    Zang and the drivers were a good team and they knew when we needed some time for ourselves, too.

    We do hope, that Zang will have many more opportunities to use his many talents with working for SpiceRoads - you can be proud of having such skilled personel!

    Chris and Marjan Schaffner - July 2016

  • Spice roads customized a short tour for our small group of two mums and daughters. We had a fun cycling tour - great guide and driver - lovely way to see the scenery of Kerala. (Despite the rain!). Tour Guide Shibu very nice man and professional tour guide. Driver Franklin also lovely man and very good driver despite maintenance issues with his vehicle.

    Margaret Caithness - July 2016

  • Our cycle leader and host Zang Nguyen made our Vietnam experience very special...his humor, organisational & leadership qualities combined with his in-depth knowledge of the Vietnam history and culture is the best we have experienced all over the world in our travels.

    Petrus Claasen Janse van Rensburg - July 2016

  • My trip with SpiceRoads provided me an opening into many different cultures, by bicycling through diverse countrysides, which I would have probably missed if I had tried to do it myself . I always felt well taken care of. This trip definitely ranks as one of the best travel experiences in my lifetime. I would like to commend our Vietnam guides Tan and Hi, who were quick in connecting personally with us. Their experience in working with a group of adults made the trip enjoyable for everyone in the group. They were "top-notch" and I would not hesitate to join with them again. Our Cambodian guides "Tree" and "Huy" were also engaging and eager to provide information about our environment and to lead the group. I felt sad when I said goodbye to our guides at the border.

    Christopher Soldat - July 2016

  • A really well planned tour with great bikes, fantastic guides and delicious food. I could not fault any aspect of the tour. From the initial sign-up through to a final lunch together, everything went seamlessly.

    Having experienced a few bike tours over the last five years, I believe that there are a number of critical elements to a successful tour:
    If not new, our bikes were near new Trek mountain bikes with 27 speed gears which were perfect for the terrain covered in the tour.
    Varied and full of interest. Lots of quiet back roads and undulating country which I personally really enjoy. Clearly reflective of the two chilli rating with only challenging hill that was part of the optional last 7 kms on Day 2. I really enjoyed the riding - the pace was fine and the distances were commensurate with the fitness levels and riding ability of the group.
    Varied from fairly basic (but still quite comfortable) to resort style. The kids in our group really enjoyed the fact that there was a pool awaiting at each destination. For me, a shower and a cold beer were equally appreciated.
    The food
    Outstanding - the range, quantities and freshness of the food that we shared and enjoyed was a real highlight of the trip.
    The guides
    Noom and Schwen (sp) were equally outstanding. They were friendly, knowledgeable and passionate about their country. With a gentle sense of humour, it was a pleasure to spend four days with two exceptional young men.
    The team
    Friendly and efficient. The drivers of the support vehicles were always happy to help, prepared delicious snacks and seemed to anticipate our every need - drinks, food, bike adjustments etc. A very professional outfit.
    The added extras
    Noon is highly skilled at capturing the essence of each day on is phone with pics and video. By dinner time each evening he converted this into a 2-3 minute video clip that was shared with the group. In this regard, he truly exceeded expectations!
    Two suggestions for improvement
    1. Bike stands. In many instances a bike stand would have been really convenient rather than trying to find somewhere to rest the bike upright
    2. A small handlebar pack for camera, phone, sunblock and poncho would have also been helpful.

    In summary, a wonderful cycling tour with many highlights. This was my first trip with Spice Roads but it will certainly not be my last!

    Geoff Noblett - July 2016

  • This was a brilliant trip that showed me parts of Bangkok that the average tourist would probably never see. Kenny was an excellent guide. While I do quite a bit of cycling, I'm unused to traffic and he made it all very easy.

    Kenneth Frost - July 2016

  • Had a great trip with my guide Win. Turned out to be a private tour since it was only me signed up. He was so friendly and informative. Had a fantastic time!!!

    Laura Leach - July 2016

  • An amazing experience!!

    Yee Kee Lee - July 2016

  • Our guide was Matt and he was fantastic. We wouldn't have asked for a better guide. We will give the best recommendations to Matt.

    Bo Brogaard Blenstrup - July 2016

  • It was a great way to engage the five senses in experiencing Thailand and so much better than sitting in a bus and being herded around to tourist sites. Rin was always looking after us at the start of each day, during the breaks and at the end of each day

    Roger Collins-Woolcock - July 2016

  • Words cannot describe the blast of sights, smells, sounds and adventures that you will experience on this trip. The perfect short trip to take in the Mekong Delta and a great blend of cycling and local highlights. Vu made this trip! There was nothing that he couldn't answer, his command of English was superb. He was respectful, helpful and made everyone feel relaxed in places that were often very foreign to us. Vu was the captain and the driver followed orders but he was always there on time, very obliging and we felt safe with him driving. Thank you SpiceRoads for ticking a cycle in Vietnam off my bucket list in such spectacular fashion

    Annabel Lush - July 2016

  • The trip was one of the best I have taken. Lucien was the best guide of all my many trips. I appreciated his education on all aspects of life in Madagascar and his superb support on the ride. I also found the rental equipment excellent with maintenance every night. He allowed us to choose from the menu at every meal which I also found vastly more enjoyable than eating from a fixed menu.

    Herb Kavet - August 2016

  • Great way to see a country, excellent routes with scenic views and plenty of attraction to stop by in between. Excellent tour guide and support who made us feel very safe. We enjoyed ourselves tremendously.

    Siti Rasidah Mohd-Shihab - July 2016

  • We were a group of six, lots of fun, off road sections were great, Win our guide was great too!

    Ian Harfield - July 2016

  • We LOVED our journey with Beeb, Schwinn and Fam - we will rave about it to anyone who will listen - the whole experience was fun and entertaining and educating and an amazing experience (a bit painful) and all 3 of our guides were perfect at their jobs! Beeb and Schwinn took care of us on the bikes and their tour expertise was fabulous. Fam's driving was safe and he did a a great job. And the pre your organizing by your office was also fabulous they do a great job!
    Thank you!

    Kristie Douglas - July 2016

  • We all want to say thank you for this fantastic trip. Boro was an amazing guide. He was knowledgeable about the area and all the lovely food we enjoyed.
    Art was wonderful, he made us laugh and always had a smile.
    Thanking Tao for following us and making sure we had water and snacks along the way.
    All and all an awesome trip and an awesome team :)
    We would definitely be back for another trip.
    This was truly the Real Thailand.

    Kim Oosthuizen - August 2016

  • What a great trip!! Our 7-day Chiang Mai family explorer trip was extremely well-run, interesting, and fun. SpiceRoads created an itinerary that worked very well for our family with older teens (16 and 17), and Mr. Nok artfully guided us through back roads, villages, and pathways, all while managing visits to temples, arts and crafts facilities, lakes, an elephant tour, and more. He and Mr. Bong were very responsive to our family and took us places we never could have found on our own. This was our first bike tour through a company, but it won't be our last. Loved the trip!

    Mr. Nok was a WONDERFUL guide! He was very responsive to our needs and just a nice guy. : )

    Joan Griswold - June 2016

  • Last week my husband and I took a bike tour with Boro and Leo Southwest of Bangkok. I have to pause in my day to take a minute to tell you how terrific these two young men were. We were picked up punctually and given lots of preliminary information. During our ride to the site where we started our adventure and all through the trip the gentlemen were wonderful about sharing information with us and making our adventure one we will remember forever! This was one of the best travel adventures my husband and I have ever taken!

    Mark Riehl - June 2016

  • It was a cycle tour of a lifetime!! Our guide took us to places we would never have seen or experienced if we were in a van or a bus. His local and national knowledge was amazing - he was like a walking encyclopedia. Anh co was incredible. Thoughtful, caring, motivating, so knowledgeable and so much fun. WE LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT AND WILL BE BACK!!! We will also be spreading the word to friends and family. Thanks for the memories of a lifetime!!

    Diane Ross - June 2016

  • Great trip! The staff were a treat and so very helpful and informative - a great team that made the trip.
    Madagascar is a fascinating place and there remains a lot to be still explored, I felt this trip was just an appetizer!

    BILL HALLETT - June 2016

  • Well chosen cycle route, safe and in a nice scenery. Definitely recommended.

    Gijsbert van Pinxteren - June 2016

  • Our Tribal Trails of North Thailand exceeded our expectations. It was truly fantastic. I have already and will continue to recommend to friends. A very special THANK YOU to our guide Nok and our driver Sok. Their friendliness and helpfulness made our trip. I could not have asked for two better people. They gems for the Spice road organization.

    Michael Lawler - August 2016

  • Cappadocia is one of the most amazing places on the planet. The scenery on this bike tour is beautiful. We had a great tour guide - very knowledgeable and took us to places we would have never been able to see on our own. This tour is not to be missed. This tour exceeded my expectations

    Penny Schultz - May 2016

  • What a great day with a great guide! Cycling at a fast clip through idyllic countryside, stopping for rest and food at quiet riverside spots, and the amazing history and architecture of Ayutthaya. One of my best days in Bangkok!

    Kevin Clouse - June 2016

  • We were a little nervous at first at the thought of cycling around Bangkok! However, our guide, Kenny, was fabulous and totally put our minds at ease! Ours was a half day tour that we will never forget - we tried a ton of new foods, saw the locals go about their day and visited some beautiful spots. The pace suited us and we felt very well looked after the whole time. Additionally, the commentary that Kenny provided on Bangkok (and Thailand in general) while we saw the city was complete and impressive. We would definitely recommend this tour as an amazing way to see the city differently. And count yourself lucky if you get Kenny as your guide!

    April Hussey - June 2016

  • Our enquirers were very professionally and efficiently handled. I thought the trip had the right combination of cycling and sightseeing.

    Snisar Jan Salakshana - June 2016

  • Madagascar---------I have done at least 50 cycling/adventure trips and this one topped them ALL. Great locale, nice people, unusual sights, and the absolute best guide team on the planet! Lucien and his team are over the top in positive attitude, professionalism, and attention to the guests every need. Just superlative! This is the best tour, bar none! I cannot overstate how much I enjoyed this trip, the country and our guides!

    Paul Michael Buchanan - June 2016

  • I was very happy with the tour today, and Al was fantastic. Thanking you; and would definitely recommend this to all my friends, colleagues and family.

    Liz - June 2016

  • Just wanted to say that I had a wonderful time on the biking trip with Al. He was a great guide and made sure that I was safe, had fun, and reached home safely after the trip. He represented your company very well.

    Keertana Subramani - June 2016

  • We are back from our adventure and n Madagascar. It was wonderful! It may be the best bike trip I have ever taken!

    Lucien is the BEST guide! Just incredible.

    Paul Buchanan - June 2016

  • Wonderful trip for two families with guides, who encourage the kids throughout the day and bring the parents to their limits in the afternoon. The whole set-up - you simply do not have to bother!
    A really great holiday! Both, Noom and Beam were very kind, trustworthy and indeed professionell

    Dirk Kemner - May 2016

  • One of the best tours I've done. Where else, in one trip, can you go from hilly highlands to rain forest to grassland Savannah to desert to seaside, each with its own unique flora and fauna. The people were friendly and gracious in sharing their diverse cultures and our SpiceRoads team, especially our guide Lucien, were among the best we've had. Each day was extremely well organized and Lucien was on top of every detail. His insights, enthusiasm and humor added tremendously to our experience. The hiking and biking were a terrific combination with new sights every day from lush jungle to panoramic mountain vistas. Where the usual tourism amenities were lacking, such as roadside restaurants, our team made up for it with delicious picnic lunches. And we'll never forget zebu brochettes at the mid-point of our hike in Isalo national park, with lemurs cavorting through the trees! Overall, a memorable trip that I can enthusiastically recommend!

    Nicole Dufort - May 2016

  • Orlon and Kiril were fantastic and entertaining guides and made our trip so memorable. We did so much along the way and their knowledge of places and history was very valuable and informative. The food was amazing and so plentiful. What a beautiful scenic ride. Highly recommend the Bulgarian Highlights bike ride. I will always look back and be so glad I had that wonderful experience.

    Fiona McCarthy - May 2016

  • Just an absolutely fantastic experience to ride the trails of Khao Ito. The trails were a blast to bomb down. It was super to get some Thai single track. I am an avid mt. biker from Colorado, so it was fun to try trails from a very different part of the world.

    Tim Gallagher - June 2016

  • We are on the trip and I wanted tell Struan that this is one of the best Spiceroads trips I've been on.
    The guide Lucien is the best guide I've encountered. Staff of 5 sees to our every need including cleaning and oiling bikes each night.
    Lucien is very intelligent and generous with meals and loads of snacks. Safety is exemplary. Surely the best of any trip I've been on.

    On another note I do like the newly designed bike shirts but still feel the color is too dark. Also the sizes are giant compared to other years

    Herbert Kavet - June 2016

  • I had the most wonderful time today. The tour guides Nat and Al were both fantastic and knowledgeable. The driver was most excellent. Everything about the tour was perfect. Thank you.

    Thank you so much for all your help and your hotel recommendation. I will be returning and will definitely book through you and I will highly recommend others to use your services.

    Kaaryn - June 2016

  • The SpiceRoads trip through Myanmar exceeded our expectations. Biking through the countryside was an amazing way to see this country and to experience the people, culture, food, language, etc. Our guide, Toe Toe, and his supports were also incredible and helped us understand everything that we were seeing and experiencing. We loved the fact that we got to experience such diverse parts of the country from Mandalay and Bagan to Inle Lake and Yangon. We also enjoyed the combination of biking, kayaking, and site seeing and were happy that we decided to do a longer tour (8 day/7 nights) through the country. Anything less and I think we would have missed a lot of the beauty of this country. As one of the trip members said, this SpiceRoads trip was like "drinking out of a culture firehose." It was an intense and amazing culture experience. Everything was great about this trip including our guides. We are very please with the trip and would definitely recommend it to others. The only thing that was difficult at times was the short amount of time that we spent in each city and the constant packing and re-packing. We liked the fact that we spent 2 nights in Bagan and Inle Lake and would recommend that other participants do the same thing on a similar tour and schedule in "down-time." Having a few nights in one location with a little bit of downtime makes it easier to get back on the bike the next day.

    Timothy James Stockert - May 2016

  • Bike tour was very organized and the perfect way to experience real Japan, historical villages, stunning landscape, food and Japanese tea houses.

    Julia Novaes Fernandes - May 2016

  • The best way to experience a culture is from the saddle. The smells, the sounds, the contact with people, all better at six feet up and 12 MPH. Our guides taught us each their own country's history from their own perspectives. Excellent support, excellent scenery, and extremely authentic local cuisine. Vu, our Vietnamese guide was the most professional of the guides. He always kept our health a top priority and would recommend against certain things, like ice at lunch stops. He was very smart, and took us on a amazing route. Buntry, our Cambodian driver, has a heart of gold. A bit more cavalier in the intestinal health department, but he brought us closer to the people and the culture than anyone. He is also, by far, the most athletic and mechanically experienced, which we appreciate being spin instructors and bike shop owners. Buntry is a gem. Our Thai guide, Boro, was very professional and took good care of us. The first night on the beach in Thailand was the other hotel that left comfort lacking a bit.

    Kirk Rhinehart - May 2016

  • best guide ever! Lucien was by far the best guide we have had on any trip - whether SpiceRoads or other companies. He loves his country. e assembled a great support team. He provided accurate briefings and was flexible about the interests and abilities of the group. He is an encyclopedia of local knowledge and history, as well as flora, fauna and geography. both drivers Jimmy and Saun surpassed expectations in enthusiasm, teamwork and safety. Jimmy even joined us on one of the mountain hikes. Lucien et al. made this one of our most enjoyable trips ever! The hikes were spectacular! Highly recommend this adventure to everyone.

    Bruce Desmond - May 2016

  • I just wanted to let you know that we absolutely loved the trip. The guide Paul was extremely helpful, professional and organized. He had an assistant called Kenta and both made sure our experience was very local, enjoying the main sightseeing attractions, local food and a perfect combination between small hotels and local Japanese accommodations. The ride itself was beautiful, fun and an adventure. It was a great pleasure, thank for your help.

    Julia Novaes-Biagiotti - May 2016

  • We had an enjoyable ride with immaculately maintained Trek mountain bikes. There are as many rest and photo stops as you like. Each morning after and hour or 2 there is a structured stop with cold drinks of your choice and local fruits and snacks. Lunch is either at a local restaurant or a roadside picnic, usually a Wat, with your choice of your of local foods. Our guide, Dum was very helpful in choosing the food. Accomodation was very good and the meals at night were enjoyable. Once again with help from Dum in choosing the meals. I also have to mention our driver, Mr Pong who looked after everything quietly and efficiently. He would top up our water bottles at each stop, maintain and clean the bikes every night and was always on hand to help my wife with her bag. Thanks

    Ross Mayberry - May 2016

  • Very enjoyable way to see Bangkok. Especially cycling through the quaint back streets & the places many tourists wouldn't normally see.

    Hugh Lees - May 2016

  • Had a great time on the cycling tour. It's a great way to see the sights, learn about Chiang Mai history and culture, and get some exercise! Our guide (Pui?) told us she was new and still learning about the history and she apologized. I still felt she did a great job.

    Lauren Rex - May 2016

  • Fabulous way to see parts of Bali you would not usually see. Eddy was extremely knowledgeable about many different things about Bali and my husband asked many, many questions. Nyoman and Eddy are a great team and work really well together. Nyoman was always very careful about where to pull over and set up the bikes and it was very comforting having him drive behind us particularly when on a busy road. We felt safe. I just wanted to say that this is the first time my husband and I have gone on a cycling tour and we thoroughly enjoyed it and felt a real sense of achievement. I cannot stress enough how our guide Eddy and driver Nyoman contributed a huge amount to making our trip so memorable.

    Alison Phipps - May 2016

  • Fantastic trip, the organisation could not have been better and the guide could not have done more to make a memorable holiday. Kasun did everything he could to make the tour go smoothly, he always jumped on any problems or concerns and dealt with them straight away. VJ was always very attentive to our needs and our safety. This is a great way to discover a country and explore areas that you would not normally go to. The team were enthusiastic and helpful from the start of the holiday to the end.

    Alison Hallett - March 2016

  • A fantastic way to experience Bali and its culture. Exploring by bike takes you to sights and scenery you would not see if sightseeing by car or coach . Our tour guide was Eddy and he made the trip so successful and enjoyable through his professionalism, his knowledge of the areas we were riding through and his patience. Nyoman is an extremely safe driver and both Eddy and Nyoman were extremely careful in their decisions of where they would park bus and set up bikes etc. I just want to say that my husband and myself had a fantastic cycling tour. It was the first time we have ever done something like that and being in our mid to late 50's we were a little apprehensive but Eddy was so patient and always reminded us that it was our holiday and we could cycle at our pace. The accommodation was excellent and all in all it was a great experience.

    Alison Phipps - May 2016

  • Excellent easy riding around Bangkok. Would highly recommend this tour for everyone. I hadn't rode a bike in 10 years and managed the traffic in China Town with easy. I felt more safe and comfortable with our guide Ang than I would riding in the city's of Melbourne or Sydney. Ang lead us on a side trip through the the backpackers Getto of Khao San Rd (we're both 50) so was interesting to visit this area. Perhaps the only small negative was at times would have liked nice to ride at a slower pace so could take more in. Although We were able to stop and take photos when we liked.
    I highly recommend this tour company. We booked the twilight ride and will visit again when back in Bangkok

    MICHAEL Sim - April 2016

  • Great way to visit different sites around the inner areas of Chiang Mai.Sites not readily available to the average tourist and the excellent information provided by my tour guide (Nan) was excellent.

    Warren Hart - May 2016

  • A fabulous challenge peppered with little experiences with local people, beautiful scenery and historical sights that made an unforgettable experience.

    Kirstin Davis - April 2016

  • I just wanted to say thank you for organising our tour. We have just returned from our SpiceRoads tour and everybody had a fantastic time in Vietnam. Also I would like you to know that our guide Anh Co Nguyen and his team were fantastic as well. Anh Co was a very knowledgeable guide and nothing was too much trouble for him. He was especially helpful to the younger members of our group. He has a lot of knowledge about Vietnam and his English was very good. Could you please pass on our thanks to Anh Co and his team. We hope to travel with SpiceRoads again soon.

    Brad Wood - April 2016

  • Excellent organisation of trip, with very good communication from the booking team.
    Nai was a very good guide and our driver made sure we had plenty of water stops as the temperature was in the high 30's

    Martin Spence - April 2016

  • We have just had the most fantastic family tour not only cycling but so many amazing places and experiences, surpassed our every wish. our guide Yo had so much knowledge and was a really nice person who made our trip. Our driver Mr rim was so kind and really looked after us and the children and had a good sense of humor

    Rory Quick - April 2016

  • A challenging, enjoyable experience ..... beautiful country. Look forward to going back one day & cycling down the east coast! Very knowledgeable & good at looking after cyclists needs & capabilities. Interested in suggestions from cyclists too.

    Lindy Jane Williams - January 2016

  • The trip was terrific and the guide was extremely knowledgeable. We couldn't imagine a more fulfilling experience.

    John Cashin - March 2016

  • Mekong 4 day cycle was fantastic!!!!! Organisation, food, hotels, bikes, guide...we will be back!!!!!

    Darren Mitcheson - April 2016

  • Best bicycle tour I've ever done. The food, route and lodging all exceeded expectations. But our guide, Tuan, was what made the trip unique. Competent, knowledgeable, kind and attentive. He was always looking out for our safety and to make sure we had the best and most authentic experience we could have. He loves his country and now we do too. I have done many other guided bike trips all over the world. Tuan was without doubt the most enthusiastic guide I have ever met.

    Lindsey Waine Horenblas - March 2016

  • If you like cycling then join a SpiceRoads tour, it is a great way to get off the beaten track and see the country from a different angle. If I was in a country that had a SpiceRoads tour, I would certainly go on it.

    Brian Morss - March 2016

  • Fantastic and dedicated guide and support crew, got to see and experience the real Cambodia and their way of life, far more than normal tourists would see, thanks Spiceroads. Loved getting to visit locals in their properties, or just stop by a stall on the side of the road to try their goods

    Simon Obel - March 2016

  • One of the most original and breathtaking way of visiting a country. The perfect organizational support allows you to enjoy every moments of your trip.

    Judith Verhoeven - August 2016

  • Great mixture of sightseeing and biking, with enough flexibility to adapt as needed along the way. Our guide and driver went out of their way to make sure that we were taken care of at every step along the way.

    Phil Henderson - March 2016

  • Hey Spice Roads, but this (Saigon to Bangkok) was a very special trip for me as it was my "post cancer Epic Vacation of a lifetime" (I am a cancer survivor and was celebrating being two years cancer free"). Spice roads did a good job - really outstanding and the guides were incredible. (Tien, and Mr. Howe, Nak and the other Cambidan guides) and Boro and Nat in Thailand- all amazing and exceptional in every way. I saw parts of Vietnam and Cambodia that would not have been accessible by a standard tour bus. This was a very special trip indeed and I saw and did many things; and met some really nice people whom I will not soon forget. Good bikes too - which you will appreciate if you like to cycle. Fantastic job Spice Roads and I would recommend Spice Roads in a Heart Beat. (Thanks Nak - for getting me a T shirt that fit !!! ) regards - Danita
    All very enthusiastic - Nak in Cambodia was "most accommodating" and took care to make sure everyone was having a good time; his talks were a little on the long side when sight seeing but I know this is because he loves his job and takes great pride in his heritage and culture. Tien was very entertaining and also worked very hard to keep everyone together when cycling in the Mekong "no small feat". I absolutely loved Boro in Thailand; the first thing he did was take us for coffee and to a bank - and let's just say I really needed a coffee. Boro was also very attentive and patient. He is a fantastic guide - Nat (in Thailand) was also really nice and easy to talk to.

    Danita Valentine Langevin- Melville - December 2015

  • Excellent services - guides, drivers, bike tech man
    Many improvements than last year

    Ming Yuan (Jennifer) Leu - March 2016

  • Professional, friendly staff, well organised and a really fantastic experience.

    Haslam Preeston - March 2016

  • So much more than I had anticipated. A great ride with lots of interesting sites to see and fun facts from our guide.

    Rebecca Rosen - February 2016

  • A great way to have a different point of view and enjoy a city.

    Sibel Mutlu - March 2016

  • Very personal way to visit the sites, sounds, and places in and around Bangkok. I would highly recommend the Jungle Tour to anyone who wants to see an authentic temple experience (we saw a monk ceremony), the inside scoop on the places people live within the city, some fresh air, a rush from the raised sidewalks and a super cool off the grid market experience. Borro was a wonderful guide. Thank you for providing such an amazing experience!

    Angela Wenninger - March 2016

  • Great opportunity to see the real Thailand. Loved cycling on the backroads and enjoyed some amazing coastal scenery while being guided by excellent leaders and support crew.

    Ruth Moyses - March 2016

  • Was an awesome experience. Very friendly guide. Will definitely do it again!

    Divan de Wet - March 2016