Cambodia by bike: overview

Known around the world for the grandeur of Angkor Wat, Cambodia has reclaimed its own identity and is quickly becoming a leader in Southeast Asian tourism. Visitors often come solely for the temples of Angkor, only to find that they can’t get enough of the friendly locals, deserted beaches and quaint colonial architecture.

Biking in Cambodia is quite safe (when supervised) and it’s realistic to cycle to the popular spots. If you’re intent on only touring Angkor Wat, then you may want to join our Bangkok to Angkor tour, which includes some sightseeing in Thailand as well. In between are the mighty Mekong River and a spread of remote and rural villages that overflow with old-world charm.

The country’s main urban area is Phnom Penh which is growing by the year, fuelled in part by a base of international NGOs that help to foster a diverse and dynamic atmosphere. Any visit to Cambodia features an invigorating mix of old and new, with plenty of comfortable amenities on offer.

Best attractions in Cambodia

The centrepiece of Cambodian tourism will always be Angkor Wat, with its vast array of ruined temples set in the heart of a dense jungle. We offer several different biking tours that visit this UNESCO World Heritage site (would like to have a link here of all tours to angkor), and there’s honestly no better way to take it in than on two wheels.

Phnom Penh has the best prospects for eating, dining and entertainment. French influence still resonates in the culinary scene, with bread carts selling baguettes on the street and cafés operating in colonial quarters. For shoppers, the breadth of affordable handicrafts and Khmer silk is intoxicating.

The third area of interest for tourists is the beachside town of Sihanoukville, which is a laid back, under-developed town with some nice beaches and a growing tourist infrastructure. Visitors to the south also like to spend time in the smaller towns of Kampot and Kep. You can visit these destinations on our Cambodia Adventure tour.

Weather and tourist seasons

The best time to tour Cambodia by bike is from November to February, when the weather is dry and cooler. The low humidity of December and January is especially satisfying. Rains fall heaviest from June to August, slackening off around October when the weather starts to cool again.