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Our Destinations

  • Albania


    Explore the hilly country south of capital Tirana as our route takes us to three UNESCO sites and from the mountains to the sea and back up again. View Details

  • Bhutan


    Isolated in the Himalayas, Bhutan is relatively small and has unique traditions owing to its preserved traditional Buddhist culture. It is one of the few countries in the world that limits its tourism, keeping it an unspoilt treasure. Bhutan boasts unique festivals with amazing performances and dress, intricate handicrafts, wildlife reserves, high mountains and dense forests - displaying a character of rural Asian life that leaves a memorable impression on those privileged enough to visit. View Details

  • Bulgaria


    Bulgaria has much to boast about - a fascinating history, incredible mountain ranges, spa and wellness resorts, characteristic architecture, a thriving arts scene, ski resorts and Black Sea beaches! Bulgaria's idyllic terrain, impressive historical wonders and heart-warming culture is ready to be truly discovered by bicycle. View Details

  • Burma


    Burma now officially goes by the name of Myanmar and it is bordered by many countries that are popular with tourist visitors including Thailand, Laos, the Peoples Republic of China, India and Bangladesh. Must-see activities include temple hopping, exploring the countryside and discovering the coastline. View Details

  • Cambodia


    Cambodia is an exciting and diverse country best known for its collection of amazing temple ruins in Angkor, followed by its French-influenced capital city, Phnom Penh. However as a country so rich in history and culture, it has a lot to offer even beyond these destinations. Tours off the beaten track through the peaceful countryside to smaller towns and deserted beaches can really reveal Cambodia's ancient beauty. Whether you are looking for an adventure, some relaxation, or to learn about its history, Cambodia is sure not to disappoint. View Details

  • China


    Yunnan has a plethora of diverse scenery and ethnic minorities, making it a destination in China not to be missed by cyclists. This is a land of rivers, lakes, peaks and valleys, with great natural beauty and ecological diversity. View Details

  • Georgia


    Lying on the Asian/Euro crossroads, Georgia (the republic) is highly diverse with a dazzling stretch of coastline, exquisite mountain villages in the Caucasus Mountains, where we bike and hike, and a proud people with a rich heritage. View Details

  • India


    India is a huge country of South Asia, bordered by China, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Myanmar. It rises into the Himalayas in the north and falls off to the warm waters of the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal. Major highlights of India for the avid mountain biker includes Ladakh in the north and Kerala in the south, where we presently run tours. These two vastly different regions encompass impossibly high mountains down to tropical forests and beaches and are a real boon to the traveller who is a devoted cyclist. View Details

  • Indonesia


    The world's largest archipelago occupies part of the Pacific and Indian oceans around the equator region and is a relatively young land of rugged peaks and volcanoes. Many of its islands are well developed and have unique activities and good facilities, with Bali and Sulawesi most popular among mountain bikers, surfers and divers. These are two islands of Indonesia that SpiceRoads presently has tours on. View Details

  • Iran


    Find the essence of Iran as we cycle through a treasure trove of attractions include the bustling bazaar of Shiraz, ancient Persian monuments, Silk Road caravansaries, the splendid Safavid gardens in Isfahan, innovative mosque designs adorned with mesmerizing tiles, ancient ice houses and the mud-brick alleys and rooftops of Yazd.
    View Details

  • Japan


    A visit to Japan will be filled with contradictions to the senses, so come prepared to experience a rich history that dates back centuries and see the latest modern trends in fashion and electronics; visit beautiful forests, mountains and sea coasts as well as futuristic architecture and transportation; meet polite and candid locals as well as lovers of Hello Kitty and karaoke. View Details

  • Kazakhstan


    Kazakhstan is one of Asia's largest countries so we'll be cycling through only a small part of it as we ride through valleys with lush pastures and up to passes with 7,000 m peaks lining our way. We are off the grid as far as mainstream tourism goes as we cycle through the southeast province of Almaty and into Kyrgyzstan on this truly adventurous bike tour. View Details

  • Laos


    Quickly emerging as a top tourist destination after years of war and isolation, Laos' appeal is a pristine environment, traditional cultures and laid-back locals. Eco-tourists, history and culture buffs and gastronomes will all find much to enjoy in Laos, from ancient temples and quaint towns through protected areas of stunning countryside containing rare flora and fauna to delicious freshly-made spicy Laotian or classic French cuisine. View Details

  • Macedonia


    This small Balkan country is full of splendid highlights and discovering this cultural land by bike is an invigorating and enriching experience. View Details

  • Madagascar


  • Malaysia


    Best known for its adventure tourism, Borneo is home to some of the world's most accessible unspoilt tropical jungle. With miles of uncongested roads and a network of country routes that go past some of the most striking scenery in the region it is a perfect destination for cycling. Visitors can also enjoy some of the world's best diving and snorkelling destinations along with an amazing collection of national parks, Orang-utan sanctuaries and cultural attractions. View Details

  • Mongolia


    Mongolia, famous for its natural offerings, is a beautiful rural country located deep in the heart of central Asia. It is home to various landscapes, from the Gobi Desert with its arid nature through to cool mountain ranges. With a peaceful, seemingly endless landscape that has its own special beauty, it offers visitors the chance to experience an unusual environment free of tourists, and even people in general. Only a few miles from the outskirts of many of the country's big cities and towns, visitors can see the traditional pastoral lands that exist as they did hundreds of years ago. Mongolia's rural character will provide an unforgettable adventure. View Details

  • Montenegro


    Riding on former Austro-Hungarian military trails we'll see the highlights of tiny Montenegro. A haven for mountain bikers with stunning scenery all around and views that are well-earned with thigh trembling climbs! From dazzling beaches, quaint, historic cities, to delectable mountains with lofty villages, and a pumping night scene in coastal resorts, Montenegro packs it all in! View Details

  • Morocco


    Conquer the rugged Atlas Mountains for a memorable encounter with the Berbers. Enjoy a cup of mint tea while appreciating their proud traditions that have been passed down for centuries. View Details

  • Multi-Country


    When one country just isn't enough: take a multi-country tour! Asia has so much to offer, so why choose between Cambodia and Thailand when you can do them both? Discover and compare the distinct cultures and histories of Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand in one trip or travel a little known part of the world, from Lhasa to Kathmandu in 2 weeks. Take an adventure with a multi-country tour and we guarantee you'll get your fill of excitement, culture and beautiful landscapes. View Details

  • Nepal


    Nepal resides in South Asia and is best known for being the home of the world's highest peak, Mount Everest. A main attraction for serious trekkers and mountain climbers, mountain bikers also take to the foothills and lowland areas. However, Nepal has a lot more to offer than just mountains, there are also impressive sites in the cities, including that of the capital, Kathmandu, and the nearby hilltop towns of Dhulikhel and Nagarkot. In Kathmandu valley alone there are five World Heritage sites. There are also several high profile national parks at lower elevations, such as the warm and wildlife-friendly Chitwan National Park.

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  • Pakistan


    Pakistan is home to stunning 7,000-8,000 m peaks that form the spectacular Karakoram and Hindu Kush mountain ranges. The Karakoram Highway has opened up this stark and beautiful region, making it a perfect remote destination for an adventurous exploration by bicycle. View Details

  • Philippines


    Of the thousands of islands that the Philippines encompass, Luzon is the largest and boasts a spectacular landscape, which is one of high mountains and volcanoes along with pristine lakes and a dazzling coastline. The capital and largest city Manila is vibrant and bustling. Head south for high conical volcanoes criss crossed with mountain bike trails, quaint beaches and fishing villages. Head north for mountains, lofty rice terraces, eye-popping vistas and old Spanish-colonial towns as we ride on country roads. And all over the country are fun-loving Filipinos! View Details

  • Singapore


    At only 50 years of age Singapore has proven itself to be a dynamic and versatile destination and has earned its place as one of the world's hotlist destinations. While keeping it's history alive in Chinatown and Little India Singapore has also created marvels of architecture and design such as the unique supertrees of Gardens by the Bay. View Details

  • South Korea

    South Korea

    Craggy mountain ranges slope down to pristine beaches and bustling cosmopolitan cities, South Korea has it all! At once modern and traditional, starting in the capital city of Seoul, with its towering high-rises and modern infrastructure move on to find tranquil temples nestled in verdant hillsides holding secrets of the land's past. From the 1000 years of Silla heritage with vast number of ancient ruins and archaeological sites to the timeless beauty of the royal residences of the Joseon Dynasty, there are many amazing examples of Korea’s rich history to be explored. View Details

  • Sri Lanka

    Sri Lanka

    Known as the 'Teardrop of India' Sri Lanka is a vibrant country, home to a wealth of natural and cultural attractions. It boasts ancient cities, beautiful countrysides and dazzling beaches, along with impressive colonial outposts left by the Dutch. Sri Lanka also has a huge network of roads, routes and tracks, making it especially appealing for those keen on seeing the country by bike. View Details

  • Taiwan


    With breathtaking scenery, challenging riding and plenty of off-bike experiences to enjoy as well, the stage is set for a uniquely rewarding cycling holiday in Taiwan. Though being only 400 km long, Taiwan has a surprising variety of eco zones. There are more than 100 peaks over 3,000 metres in the Central Mountain Range, the dramatic Taroko Gorge, the power of the Pacific and fertile farmlands. An added benefit of Taiwan is the plethora of hot springs to soak your muscles after your hard day of riding . View Details

  • Thailand


    From the warm sandy beaches in the south to the mountainous jungles in the north, Thailand has so much to offer and is the perfect destination for almost anyone. Thailand's most popular attraction would have to be its bountiful and beautiful islands and beaches in the south. Besides crystal clear waters, the south also boasts stunning landscapes and beautiful limestone sceneries, amazing to view by bike. Northern Thailand's mountainous landscape is also a perfect biking destination, with stunning views, ancient temples and the culture of hill tribes. View Details

  • Thailand - Bangkok

    Thailand - Bangkok

    Thailand's capital, Bangkok, attracts plenty of tourists a year due to its markets, shopping, temples and much more. As Thailand's largest city, Bangkok is a bustling metropolitan hub where the modern city meets traditions of old. You can find beautiful Wats (temples) next to the metro station and traditional Thai floating markets around the corner from a 7-11. Escape the city with a trip up-country to Khao Yai or easily cross the Chao Phraya river to the jungles of Bangkok. View Details

  • Thailand - Chiang Mai

    Thailand - Chiang Mai

    Northern Thailand is where landscape meets culture, making it the perfect location for biking enthusiasts and those who wants to discover old Thailand. With mountains, rivers and forests Chiang Mai and the surrounding province provide some of the best biking, and scenic routes, in all of Thailand. The north of Thailand also boasts a distinct culture, as can be seen by visiting local hill tribes, tasting Khao Soi or getting off your bike to see the province's glorious ancient temples. View Details

  • Tibet


    Tibet, the highest region on earth with an average elevation of 4,900 m/ 16,000 ft, is known as the roof of the world. It is home to the Tibetan people, and to other ethnic groups such as Monpas and Lhobas. For many people, Tibet is a uniquely spiritual place and religion is extremely important to the Tibetans and has a strong influence over all aspects of their lives. Tibetan Buddhism is a distinctive form of Mahayana and Vajrayana, which was introduced into Tibet from the Sanskrit Buddhist tradition of northern India. Tibet offers stunning sights of monasteries, breathtaking high-altitude roads, spectacular views of the world's highest mountains, glittering mountain turquoise lakes and some of the friendliest peoples you will ever meet. View Details

  • Turkey


    There is something for everyone in the wide varieties of terrain in Turkey. Whether the lunar landscape of Cappadocia, the Roman ruins along the western and southern coasts, or the coastline against a mountainous backdrop of Lycia are to your liking, it's a destination that needs to be explored by bicycle. View Details

  • Vietnam


    Vietnam is a fascinating country with a distinctive culture and a long and extraordinary history. Although it is often remembered most for its wars, modern Vietnam has emerged as a proud nation with a people eager to show off the many aspects of their diverse land that make for memorable bicycle touring. View Details